How to Avoid Dead Battery Issues During the Summer Heat

Most of us would think that battery issues happen mostly in the winter due to cold weather, but did you know that summer months are actually HARDER on your battery than the cold?? Batteries in cold climates usually last approx 51 months, where warmer clients battery lives are near 30 months.

When you drive your car in the heat, your battery begins discharging on its own in just 24 hours – something that takes several days in cold weather. This means you could wake up to a dead battery easily in extreme heat if you don’t take the proper steps to keep your battery healthy.

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Keep it Cool
With heat = drained battery, be sure to park in the shade whenever possible. Not only will it help extend your battery life, but your interior will be a lot cooler too when you get in.

Make Fewer ‘Short’ Trips
When you drive short distances, it definitely will reek havoc on your battery – your alternator needs time to recharge the battery after it’s been started; short trips with starting and stopping frequently, doesn’t allow your battery time to recover. Take a few trips around the block or leave your vehicle running for a few minutes to avoid draining the battery life.

Go Back to the 90’s
Nowadays we seem to ask a LOT from our cars with all the devices we have running in our cars all the time. From navigation systems, to DVD payers, smart phones and computers, they can seriously drain your battery. Everything you plug in does take its toll, so just be careful about what you need and how often you do use it.

Make sure its CLEAN
Dirt and grease build up on the battery or around it, serves as an insulator. Be sure to wipe it down with a paper towel or rag on regular basis, to keep it from draining the power from all the grime.

Get a Battery Charger
A good way to keep that battery lasting longer – is to invest in a car battery charger. If you park your car for a long period of time (like when you were on vacation, etc) a car battery charger will keep it from going dead.

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