Packing like a Pro – Tips on Packing Your Car for a Road Trip

When you are purchasing a vehicle, and you glance at the hatchback or SUV, it looks like you could easily accommodate all the luggage and bags you would need fro a trip – but once you start packing in bags, you will come to realize there probably isn’t as much room as you thought. There is an art to safely and efficiently packing up your car for a road trip.

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Clean it Out
Before you even THINK about packing for a road trip – clean it out! If you are like me you probably have your reusable grocery bags, some soccer or baseball equipment, etc. Unless you are headed for a tournament, all this stuff can be taken out and give you room to get all your necessities in!

Pack Everything You can the Night Before
Pack what you can the night before, so you are wasting precious driving time trying to shove everything in the trunk or hatch. You can also take time to see what fits where the best, and make sure you have any bags you might need DURING the trip on the top and easily accessible.

Have a Strategy
Pack items in the order you will need them – packing items you’ll need first, last – so you can get to them easily. If you are splitting up your trip and you’ll be staying in a hotel for one night , you don’t need your entire suitcase. Have a ‘go bag’ ready with pjs, 1 outfit, your toothbrush, etc, so that you don’t have to unpack everything until you get to your final destination.

Don’t Cram and Clutter
Packing your car for a trip not only needs to be efficient, but SAFE. You don’t want to cram so much in that the driver’s view is blocked. So don’t OVER PACK!

Pack for Safety
Make sure that you have the proper ‘safety’ equipment readily available. If you are traveling in the winter you’ll need to make sure you have a shovel, emergency blanket, flashlight, etc. If you are traveling in summer you want to make sure you have water, sunscreen, etc. Make sure your cell phone and car charger is nearby if you need to call for help or have an emergency.

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