The Best Tips & Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

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Most of us have a bag for trash, maybe even something to organize our paperwork in glove box. But there’s quite a few products – and hacks – to help keep your car clean and organized – no matter how messy it’s been in the past.

This is one of my favorite products to use for your car – and honestly this would make a great Father’s Day gift. This car seat gap organizer not only keeps your stuff from falling in the cracks – but also will hold your stuff. My favorite thing to put in these are my shades, my phone, and a pen and sticky note pad.
It also catches the loose change you drop, that fry that always falls from your bag and just grows into your cars carpet, and they are easily removed and wiped out.

If you are a woman, you’ve experienced the dreaded purse flop into the backseat. It’s the worst especially if you are traveling and are stopping at the drive-thru for another cup of coffee. This mesh front seat cargo holder not only keeps your purse from falling into the floor, but can hold your water bottle, box of tissues, or anything else you don’t want falling all over the place.

The trunk is always hard to keep organized; I keep my emergency kit along with a blanket, and some other “we might need” items , and sometimes it gets in the way with grocery pick up, or the kids throwing their stuff in the back. I picked up one of these car trunk organizers and it fits everything! It also folds down for when you need the whole truck area to move something.

One of my biggest pet peeves regarding having a clean car, is the cup holders. They always seem to be dirty, no matter what. A good hack for keeping them clean, is silicone cupcake liners. Put them in each cup holder in your car, and that way as soon as they are dirty you switch them out and put them in the dishwasher – and TADA! Clean cup holders all the time!

Seat hooks are another great investment for being organized in your vehicle – it can hold groceries, purses, coats, whatever you don’t want smashed to the ground and dirty shoes all over it.

A holder for the headrest for a tablet/iPad, not only keeps things organized, but keeps the kids busy on road trips! You don’t necessarily want to hand an expensive iPad to a 3 year old, so having it on the headrest like a built-in T.V.

Another favorite is the stash away car trash can. Its better than a grocery bag for garbage, and it holds other items as well (think sunscreen, tissues, ibuprofen) .

Another favorite – portable car vacuum. Talk about getting things cleaned up in a jiffy. I love it because we have a tendency to let messes go and we will ‘get to them later’, but with a vacuum just under your seat, or in the trunk, you can sweep out your vehicle at any time (even your lunch break!)

Have an old empty gum container laying around? Use it for all that loose change! You can put it in a cup holder, in the pocket of your mesh cargo holder, or in pocket of your stash away trash can. Either way you can easily reach for change for those tolls, or when you need that extra dime for your lunch.

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