Home Architecture: Tips For Choosing A Soundproof Window

There are a lot of ways in which loud noises can impact our health. Not only is the constant rumble coming from the outside deafening and unpleasant, it also affects our sleep and can lead to hearing problems, as well as stress accumulation. Fortunately, there is something that can ease our pain and reduce the frequencies that infiltrate our houses.

When trying to make your home, office, or any other property as noise-proof as possible, you should look for a soundproof window option that works best, or a way to do this yourself on your existing frames. If you are searching for an easier solution which does not involve replacing your windows, then the best thing to do is to start a do-it-yourself project.

However, when you are redecorating your home for whatever reason, you might also want to take silence into consideration. Better yet, silence can be the reason you start redecorating at all. In any of these cases, do a proper research and get yourself a product that will allow you to get some peaceful and quiet time in your own home.

Soundproof Windows

One of the best options to make your house feel more like home and stop getting annoyed by all the outside fussing and buzzing is to install noise reduction windows. The market offers a wide variety of these products. However, having more choices means having a hard time to decide.

Generally, these difficulties in making a choice stem from one crucial classification. Namely, there are double glazed and triple glazed windows, and they have both proved to be a good soundproofing option. Therefore, these are the two types that you should pay attention to when deciding to shop for this crucial part of your property.

Double Glazed

So, let’s get started. In its simplest form, the term “double glazed” means that the window is constructed with two panes of glass. This is the most commonly used type on modern houses. Given the double glass, and thanks to the gap between the panes, these provide a good level of insulation. They are also known to be quite affordable.

More benefits of a double glazing: https://www.designingbuildings.co.uk/wiki/Double_glazing

When it comes to blocking the annoying noises, I suppose that you can make a conclusion on your own. Nevertheless, let me say a few words. It is only logical that two panes provide a better sound protection than a single pane. Due to that, this window type is one of the logical solutions for when you need to reduce the hustling and bustling sound frequencies that creep into your property and make it an unbearable living area.

So, what does this mean in terms of cost? Well, these types of windows can cost approximately between $800 and $1500 per square meter. Of course, this is a bit more expensive than the single pane, but for a good reason.

Triple Glazed

If you now know what double glazed windows are, could you possibly guess what being triple glazed means? Of course, it means that they are made of three panes. The gaps between can be filled with xenon, argon, or krypton. This helps keep the heat inside your house. These windows are also perfect energy savers. Here’s more info.

But, what does it all mean when it comes to soundproofing? Well, take another wild guess. If two panes make for a good noise redactor, could you only imagine what three panes can do? These are known as a splendid sound insulator. So, if you decide to use them, there is no doubt that you will enjoy some silent and tranquil days and nights in your home.

An extra pane of reinforced glass also means an extra gap to be filled with gas. Additionally, it also means some extra bucks. This wasn’t surprising, was it? With three rows of glass, you get additional protection and some more benefits, as well. So, it’s no wonder that it might cost more than the first option.

Which Is Better?

Given the above mentioned, one simple question pops into my head. Since there is more glass, more insulating gaps, and simply more room between you and the outside world, does all of that mean that triple glazed windows are better? Well, experts cannot seem to agree on this one.

Essentially, I would argue that the double glazed windows can be a good enough solution for your noise issues and that you might not need this extra layer of protection. But, there are some more factors to be taken into consideration when making this decision. Mainly, you want to look at the long term benefits. The second type might be more durable. So, if you are planning on living in a particular house for a long time without changing it, it might be a good idea to pay some extra cash and upgrade to triple glazed windows.

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