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In our house we have always been suckers for LeapFrog products.  My kids love to play (especially on electronics), and I love that they are spending that time learning. I recently got a awesome box of goodies from LeapFrog to review and share with you, and let me tell you – prepare your wallet for some Christmas shopping!!

The first thing my son wanted to rip into was the LeapFrog Word Whammer. The World Whammer is jam on word-building skills in 3 action-packed games that adjust to your child’s skill level.

I really love that the Word Whammer is so easy to use, and it’s something he can grab and go to keep him busy when we are in the car when we have a drive ahead of us (that way I don’t hear the  dreaded “MOM ARE WE THERE YET?! or “Can I play on your phone?” LOL)

The Word Whammer has three action-packed games, and fiver different learning levels that adapt to the child as they learn (and progress). The kids get to ‘wham’ as they spin, push, and twist to identity letters and build words. Hit the handle  to blast a rocket into letters to spell more than 100 different words!
They can also match upper and lowercase letters by spinning the handle to bump a car into the correct answer – listen for a letter sound and twist the handle fast to spin the teacup into the letter that makes the sound.
It keeps them challenged – and entertained, all while teaching them (and they don’t even realize it) which is amazing in itself!


The other LeapFrog product I am excited about is the LeapPad Platium. LeapFrog has done it again with even more great features on the new LeapPad. It has a  7-inch high-res multi-touch screen and a faster processor. Over 1,000 games all designed and approved by LeapFrog educators. You can take pictures and videos of friends and family, or even yourself with the front and rear facing camera.


You can also connect with friends on the peer-to-peer enabled LeapPad and have yourpets play together – you can also unlock more games with bonus LeapFrog Imagicard digital games and the interactive card (more about that below). I love that the LeapPad Platinum now features wifi with a kid-safe web browser that lets kids explore content they love!

The LeapFrog Imagicard is like extra software for the LeapPad Platinum.


Letter Factory: Step right up to the magical Letter Factory Carnival! Join Tad, Lily and their letter friends in this digital learning game that brings interactive game cards to life onscreen. Explore 4 fun-filled mini-games, then bring coins earned to the Prize Wheel to unlock 14 more attractions. For children ages 4 to 7

TMNT. Mutagen canisters are scattered across New York. Deploy shell-tastic math skills in this digital learning game that brings interactive game cards to life onscreen. Play as Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph and unleash each Turtle’s unique ninjutsu abilities to overcome obstacles along the way. Then celebrate with pizza, trivia and fun in the Turtle Lair! For children ages 5 to 8

PawPatrol. Join the PAW Patrol in this digital learning game that brings interactive game cards to life onscreen. Lend a paw for Adventure Bay Appreciation Week, and unleash mathematics and problem-solving skills while playing as six different pups. It will take the right pup with the right skills to help save the day! For children ages 3 to 5.

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