Halloween Fortune Cookies

My kids love to do crafts and art projects (like when they made a cat carrier with a litter box), and I have to admit – I am not that crafty. I search Pinterest for ideas, and than usually am discouraged because the amount of steps and materials are just a bit overwhelming for me.  What I do love is when I’m able to find or come up with a craft that actually is easy. I also love when I can offer a Halloween goodie to my kids class that doesn’t include a ton of sugar and candy (which you can include in this if you wish – but you have options). These Halloween Fortune Cookies are bound to be a hit with kids and adults alike!
Materials Needed:
Glue Dots
White Card stock paper (I used 110lb weight)
Printer (for printable)
1.  Please print the following fortune cookies template (1) (1) . Allow a couple of minutes to dry (approximately 10). We want to make sure that the paper is thorough dry before cutting. This amount of time will ensure that no residual wet ink will smear or adhere to your fingers or clothes.
2.  Cut out the shapes of the fortune cookies & rectangular sayings.
3. Let’s make our fortune cookies! This is a lot more simple than what it looks. To make our “cookies”, to one of your circular cut-outs and fold in half. Do this without making a crease. You just want to make the ends of your circle meet.
4. With your one finger, push the middle of your semi-circle. Once you start doing this, you will see how the fortune cookie will automatically start forming! Before closing the cookie completely, insert one of your Halloween sayings. I use alternate colors, but you can do what you like.
5. As you can see, our ends now meet…and we have our fortune cookie! Now, to keep the cookie in this form, take a glue dot and stick it in the middle of where the cookie ends meet together. You’re done!
This will be sure to add an extra flare of Halloween air at any party! Great to fill with a piece of candy, too!


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