Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck at the Gas Pump

Rumor has it that gas prices are going to skyrocket – just in time for summer. The news doesn’t have to put a damper on your summer plans though, there are plenty of ways you can get the most bang for your buck at the gas pump this summer.

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Use an App or Website to Check Prices. There are some amazing resources out there that will help you save money when it comes to gas prices. Apps like GasBuddy, or websites like AAA, Fuel Finder or Gas Guru will show you the prices at gas stations in your area so you know where to go – don’t you hate it when you fill up to go down a few block and find it cheaper? These sites/apps will help prevent those types of mistakes.

Pay Cash. Some gas stations (Depending on where you are) offer a discount if you pay cash versus a card. On average you can save  up to 10-15 cents a gallon when paying cash versus a card – and sometimes even more. Check with your gas station attendant before deciding how to pay. 

Check Out Gas Station Credit Cards. Some bigger gas companies do offer reward credit cards where you can get 3-5% back on gas (and other) purchases, up to $2,500 or sometimes they will offer 5 cents off per gallon with no limit. 

Check Your Local Grocery Store. Some grocery stores partner with gas stations (or have their own) where you can earn discounts on your gasoline purchases based on your grocery purchase. I have a friend who fills up for free quite often! Some stores may also offer double or triple gas points if you buy gift cards (our Kroger does) and if you are going to be purchasing at those stores or restaurants anyway, you might as well save a few more bucks.

Don’t Go Premium. Some people feel they are taking care of their car better if they use premium gas – but most vehicles are engineered to use regular gasoline. Check your owners manual for manufacturers suggestions, but you could save a pretty penny by cutting back on the premium while prices are high.

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