How To Enjoy A Luxury Vacation Without Paying Through The Roof


Budget travel has made it far easier for the vast majority of us to see a lot more of the world. But, let’s face it, unless you are paying top dollar for a luxurious vacation, there is often the feeling that you are getting what you pay for. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.
In today’s guide, we’re going to take you through several ways that you can enjoy a more luxurious vacation – without spending a fortune. Let’s get started right away.


Cut out the travel

If you are planning on travelling to a far-flung destination, it’s going to cost a small fortune to get there. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the costs of flights and travel, as even flying half price can cost you a lot of money. Especially if you have children in tow. So, think about keeping things a lot more local. Domestic flights are far cheaper, and you can even get them free if you use a credit card that gives you air miles. Then, everything you save can be put towards treating yourself to a much more luxurious vacation than you can afford in another country.



Buy early

In general terms, the earlier you buy your vacation, the cheaper it will be. It is a rule that applies to everything, from booking your flight and hotel to finding visitor tours. You can even use apps such as Hotwire to book your car rentals a long time in advance of your trip. It’s normal for travel companies – and any other business connected with tourism – to offer early bird deals. It applies to budget travel and luxury holiday destinations, too.  And, the longer you leave it, the more you will pay.


Buy late

Another option is to be as flexible as possible and book at the last minute. Most luxury vacations will fill up quick – but there are always exceptions. If someone cancels their trip at the last minute, it’s possible to get enormous discounts on resorts and hotels that were out of your reach before.



Think about experiences rather than location

What makes a luxury vacation? For some, it is staying in the ultimate setting with everything they need a finger click away. But, there are other ways of looking at luxury, too. A beach hut on an empty Caribbean beach can be many people’s ideas of heaven, for example. Or, a log cabin in the Canadian Rockies might be someone else’s. The point is, sometimes the luxurious experience comes from within – not at one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Think about your interests and inspirations before booking, and with a little nous; you will find luxury for less.

As you can see, there are several ways of cutting back the costs of a luxury vacation. So, the next time you feel jealous of your neighbor’s trip away to a fabulous destination, think again. There might be a few smart ways you can enjoy that experience for half the price they paid.

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