Skiing With Young Children Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare

When we think of skiing, we think of luxe chalets, fancy restaurants and Apres bars. A trip to the slopes doesn’t exactly scream ‘family trip’, does it? However, skiing can make a fantastic family holiday. A lot of us make the mistake of thinking that skiing with young kids would be a nightmare, but that doesn’t have to be the case.
While skiing is sometimes better suited to older children, you can hit the slopes with little ones in tow and still have a fantastic time. It’s just a case of being as prepared as possible, to ensure that every angle has been covered and nothing can go wrong.


If you’re a keen skier but have been putting your next trip to the slopes off because of the kids, you’ve come to the right place. To make skiing with little ones in tow easier, I thought I would share a few tips with you.

Plan your trip around your kids.

This is rule number one of skiing with children in tow. Planning your trip around your children means picking a resort that is child-friendly. How you can tell if a resort is child-friendly is by the facilities on offer. For example, check out the family suites at these Mont Tremblant hotels.

The fact that there are a range of family suites available shows that this is a resort that offers a range of family features. Other features to look out for include an on-site kid’s club, activities and child-friendly eateries.

Help your little ones to learn to ski.



While the first trip to the slopes might be spent helping your kids to stay up. If you teach them young, next time you take a trip to the slopes they’ll be able to hit the slopes with you. Before your trip, take your little ones to your local ski slope to get some practice in. You could even book them in for a couple of lessons so that before you start skiing, they’ve mastered the basics.

As well as getting your kids lessons before you go, book them onto a course at your chosen resort. Your best option is a crash course, as this will give them the best chance of mastering how to ski. Just make sure to book them in with an English-speaking instructor, as this will make it easier for them to learn. The great thing about booking your kids onto intensive skiing courses is that while they’re learning to ski, you can hit the slopes.

Pack a rucksack full of treats

For every time, you hit the slopes as a family, pack a bag full of treats and drinks. That way, should your little ones need an energy boost, you can give them one. The most common cause of tantrums is a child being hungry or thirsty. That’s why carrying snacks and drinks with you on the slopes is a good idea so that should your children need a boost, you can give them one.


Skiing with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare; it’s just a case of being smart about where you go. Pick a resort that’s child-friendly and you can ensure that skiing with the kids is fun and enjoyable.




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