Don’t Let These Common Skin Conditions Grind You Down

Having any kind of injury or health issue can be a challenging time. Catching a virus or just feeling generally under the weather doesn’t just affect our physical health. It can also throw our mental state into disarray, and you could end up feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about whatever it is that’s ailing you. No situation is more relevant to this as when you have a clearly visible condition; specifically, one that is one your face. Most of us experience a rash or other form of skin condition at least once in our lives – usually something like chicken pox when we are a child, despite the many vaccinations that are now available. But there are some facial skin conditions that as well as being pretty painful, can also cause you a lot of emotional distress. After all, a rash on your arms, back or even neck can be fairly easy to hide. A sore or rash on your face, less so. However, staying cooped up inside for the duration of your illness or infection isn’t always very nice, and if you are actually well enough to leave the house, your skin condition shouldn’t stop you. To get you feeling less self-conscious, here are a few tips on managing some of the most common skin ailments, and how to get your skin back to its normal healthy self.


You may think that acne is something that just affects hormonal teenagers. But in reality, it is something that can follow adults around for many years as well. Chronic acne can be incredibly distressing, and it can completely destroy a person’s self-confidence. Additionally, depending on the severity of the acne, it can also be quite a painful condition. If this sounds like the level that your acne is at, ditch the drugstore products and seek help from a professional doctor. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also vital for helping to combat acne.

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Cold sores

Cold sores/fever blisters are painful red sores that can appear anywhere on the face, but most commonly on the lips. They are caused by the herpes simplex virus which is highly contagious, and they can be very painful as well as unsightly. Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure, but they usually go away within a week or so. But, if you think you have a fever blister, there are various things you can do to calm the inflammation at home. Be mindful that cold sores are often mistaken for canker sores, so if you are unsure always seek help from a professional.


There’s nothing that’s more annoying than itchy skin, and if you live with dermatitis, you will know this only too well. This is a condition that is often mistaken for psoriasis, due to its similar-looking symptoms of scaly, flaky skin. Many people find that their dermatitis makes them quite self-conscious, but there are ways to ease its impact on your life. Use gentle bathing products and always protect your skin from the sun. Using prescribed anti-fungal products is also said to help lessen the appearance of dermatitis in many patients.

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