Embrace the Mess

Sometimes as a parent we can’t see past today – the chasing little ones around the house, constantly picking up messes,changing diapers, force feeding vegetables, trying to calm those  and of course the cost of it all. It feels like it may never end and you’re just waiting for the day when your child is independent and you can feel human again.

When my older kids were little, I didn’t really get the whole “you’re gonna’ miss this” that everyone kept saying to me. Or the “Oh just wait, this will be the good ol’ days that you look back on”, or the “one day you’ll wish that you could shrink them back down.” But with 2 teenagers and a rambunctious 8 year old who no longer likes to cuddle with his Mama – I finally get it.

I get as Mom’s with little ones we get tired – past exhausted even. From morning until dark we are putting everyone else before ourselves. But guess what Moms? They are right.

You are gonna’ miss this.

When they are older you won’t remember (well, mostly won’t remember) the sleepless nights, or constant mess; you’ll remember the cute and funny moments, the snuggles, and silly – that you wish you could have all over again.

So embrace the mess; and Huggies is encouraging parents to do just that – and offering big savings on diapers and wipes at Family Dollar!

We know that one of the biggest concerns with little ones is finances – and Huggies & Family Dollar wants to help. Sign-up for Family Dollars Digital Coupons and save $2 on Huggies Diapers, and 50 cents on wipes!

So stop and smell the roses – laugh and enjoy the mess. Spend more time enjoying and less time worrying – and save money while doing it with Huggies! Find a Family Dollar near you now!



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