DIY Faux Fireplace for Christmas

One of our most favorite Christmas traditions is getting our stockings on Christmas Day. All through our childhood my Mom’s favorite gifts to give were the small little gifts in our stockings, and she always saved the best for last.

When my sister and her family moved into her new home they were without a fireplace and z wave camera for probably the first time in her life – she didn’t want to jip her son of the same magic of the Christmas stockings that she had her entire life, so she decided to make one herself.

Armed with a fireplace ‘heater‘ she uses in her living room, and some craft supplies, she came up with the cutest DIY faux fireplace I’ve ever seen.

What you will need:

white poster board
red construction paper
*and if you happen to have one, a heater that ‘looks’ like a fireplace, that offers the ability JUST to show the picture of the fire and not heat (thus not worrying about burning up the boxes).



Arrange boxes however you see fit – depending on what size of ‘fireplace’ you want will determine how you will set it up. It’s kinda like Tetris & Jenga in one. Be sure to leave enough room for ‘Santa’ to get in!
Cover the boxes in the white posterboard. Try to get it as even as possible as you will see some of the white in the finished product.


Next you will cut the red construction paper into ‘brick’ size. Make sure they are all the same size, and before you start gluing or taping, lay the boxes down and lay the fake ‘bricks’ on top to make sure it’s measured correctly. Then proceed to the gluing/taping process.


Viola! You can decorate the top and add your stockings – and there you have it your very own Christmas fireplace setting! This would be perfect next to your tree or even in an entry way for some added DIY decor!

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