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This is a sponsored post in behalf of InStyler and VocalPoint. Though I was compensated for my time with products to review all opinions are my own.

I love to shop. I love looking for the newest, greatest, most innovative product that won’t just make my life easier -but better. I have tried the best of the best in make-up and hair care products and recently I’ve been trying my hand at new hair tools and accessories. My daughters have been begging me for some new straighteners and curling irons, so I was super excited to get to try out three of the most popular InStyler beauty products.


The girls have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the InStyler Tulip. I have to admit I was a bit intimidated when I first saw the box – it looked a bit more like a torture device than a curling device but we gave it a try. For once I actually had to read the directions, and I even took a look at their website for a video tutorial (my girls were really afraid I might burn or tear their hair off with my lack of expertise).

The first brave soul was my daughter Kay. She has a normal ‘curling’ iron which we’ve used in the past but the curls normally don’t last – in fact, they are usually flat by the time she hits the bus stop before school even starts. With the Tulip we were able to adjust heat settings, as well as time, based on her hair type. The hair ‘winds up’ in the tulip and heats to the specific temperature and time that you selected and ‘beeps’ to let you know it’s complete (thank  goodness –  I kept having flashbacks to the YouTube video I watched when the girl burnt her hair off!!)



As you can see – after a few trial and errors – it worked like a charm. The curls stayed even over night which was amazing to me since I know she’s a crazy sleeper. The Tulip is by far my favorite InStyler product.

Now I tried out the products on both my daughters, my Mom and my sister, but a few of them are a bit camera shy. We all enjoyed using the products, but only 3 of them were willing to be my models. So next we decided to use the InStyler Max on my Mom. She has a tendency to have some major stubborn hair. When she’s had it pulled back all day it likes to stick up here and there and isn’t easily controlled – so we decided to give the max a try since it known for straightening and giving max volume, frizz control and texture.
After working all day she agreed to be my model and pulled her hair out of her ponytail – I wasn’t sure with her coarse messy hair that we’d be able to get the Max to work, but here are her before and after:



My sister also used the max and the tulip, combining them to get a smooth look than a  curl and it  turned out great.



I was definitely super impressed with all the InStyler products, though I did have to try a few times to get it right. I would definitely recommend visiting the tutorial videos on their website before trying it out yourself.

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  1. Jennie says:

    I love how you can see the difference in the curls on longer to shorter hair! My mom was curious how this would work on short hair and your sisters hair turned out amaze! LOVE it!

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