Creative Ways to Increase Your Child’s Safety

Whenever the weather is nice, my kids love being outside. This is especially true after enduring a hard winter and hours upon hours of being cooped up indoors. They know not to stray out-of-sight and only play in our yard, but kids will be kids and sometimes they may act before they think.

I try to incorporate ways to remind my kids to be safe while playing outdoors. Of course, I repeatedly tell them this, but I find that they learn more when I make it fun for them in other ways that aren’t just verbal. If you want to let those in your neighborhood know that young ones are at play, try a few of the following ideas.

Slather on the sunscreen. Even when it’s cloudy out, kids are susceptible to sunburns. Protect your child’s delicate skin by applying sunscreen to their faces, ears, and any other exposed areas before they go outside to play for fun in the sun. If it’s especially warm out and you want extra protection, buy a visor or hat, which they can decorate with puff paint to wear outdoors.

Make them wear helmets. If your kids like to ride their bicycles up and down the sidewalk or driveway, make sure they have a helmet that fits them properly. It’s important to instill good safety habits at an early age, so they keep them in mind when they play with others. Let them decorate their helmets however they want by purchasing inexpensive stickers to personalize them.

Designate a play zone. Make a sign for people driving through your neighborhood that kids are at play. Get creative by using a frames that show a visual of your block and areas where people should be extra cautious and slow down due to “kids at play.” Teach your kids the basics about looking both ways before crossing the street and have them check-in at different points throughout the day.

Teach them a song. When it comes to having your children memorize your address and phone number, teach it to them in a song, a way it will be easier for them to learn. Let them know not to share the information with strangers, but educate them about the public figures that can help them if they’re in danger.

When it comes to your children’s protection, you can never be too safe. This involves playing outdoors, spending time online, and everything in-between. Implementing safety in a creative way allows your message to resonate better with your kids.

Allow your children to be part of the process as much as possible, so safety seems like an activity rather than a rule. Switch things up to make sure that safety adapts to their routines as they grow older. As parents, we wish we could protect our children from everything, but it’s equally important to make them independent enough to make good decisions on their own. The more they learn, the safer you can keep the environments that surround them.

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2 Responses to Creative Ways to Increase Your Child’s Safety

  1. krystel says:

    very great post very informative

  2. md kennedy says:

    My Mom made me memorize our address and phone number when I was 3 by teaching me a rhyme – umpteen moves and years later, I still remember it!

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