Indoor Fun with Movies, Pillow Forts and Popcorn!!

During the cold and snowy winter months our family tends to hibernate in our house – we only venture out for required events like school and work. So we have to get creative to keep ourselves from being overcome with boredom. One of our favorite things to do is have movie nights – and my son loves to build pillow forts and get comfy to watch.

Of course movie night also means snack time – and we always make sure to have plenty of PopSecret Popcorn on hand! It’s one snack that my whole family can agree on, and we  can make our own. I love to sprinkle ranch seasoning on mine, and the kids will sometimes add chocolate chips or melt caramel on top of theirs.  Sometimes well have a popcorn flavor sampling – we use salsa bowls and we all create a flavor, and then everyone tries it! We’ve came up with some unique tasty flavors (popcorn and bacon bits are yum) and some that were not so great (butter popcorn with cinnamon – yeah, not so much). Anyway you have it, it’s a favorite snack while we have family movie night!

popcorn3Now I’m not much of a fort maker – but he seems pretty happy with the blankets and pillow set-up over the chairs in the living room. He even gets his sisters to join him every once in awhile.

popcorn1We aren’t the only ones that think popcorn and pillow forts go together – PopSecret is encouraging everyone to build their own pillow fort -and share the photo on their Facebook page to be entered to win some mystery prizes (while supplies last). 

While you’re there make sure to download a and print the $1 off coupon for your favorite PopSecret Popcorn! 

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