Join the Mattel Moms and Earn Amazon Gift Cards!

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Have you ever been part of a panel or brand community? I’ve been in a few and I can tell you I love voicing my opinion on the ideas that they run across the group, and I love it even more that I get a ‘sneak peek’ on what’s to come. Not only do I get to be an important part of their marketing for tomorrow, but I earn some awesome gift ┬ácards in the process -which can really add up for only minutes of my time per week.

Are you currently expecting? Join other expecting Moms in a private online community to discuss the joys and challenges of motherhood, as well as advise Mattel about their toys and games.

Mattel is relying on these Moms to help them gain a greater understanding of the lifestyle and needs of their consumers as it relates back to the world of play, and is opening up this invitation to you.

In addition to the opportunity to impact the brand, members will receive a $5 Amazon gift code for joining and an additional $10 Amazon gift code each month for participating.

See if you qualify here


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  1. Adelynn Lovellette says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll let my mom-friends know about this!

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