Celebrating Toy Story 4 Release on DVD with Happen’s Toy Lab !

Everyone in our family could not wait for Toy Story 4 to be released on DVD October 8th, 2019. We even got to celebrate by making our very own toys!!!! 

Happen’s Toy Lab is a one-of-a-kind, wacky laboratory where you can create your very own unique toy creation by using pieces and parts of old and broken toys donated by members of the community.

Happen’s Toy Lab is an outreach program of Happen, Inc. a Cincinnati based non-profit organization whose mission is to bring families together through shared creative experiences. Proceeds from the cost of Toy Lab visits, parties and special events help cover the cost of the programming that Happen offers at its studio and across the community. 

We got to check out some awesome Toy Story 4 merch including a magnetic Forky which is our FAVORITE! (check out all the awesome Forky toys– which would make great gifts for Christmas!) Buttons and stickers and of course we LOVE the movie posters! Can’t forget the super yummy treats! This is a perfect place for a super fun birthday party!!!

Everyone was inspired by the amazing Forky from Toy Story 4, now we can take “trash” and make it into a toy just like our favorite character!

It was a blast to pick out all these cool pieces that would normally go to waste in a junkyard, and turn it into an awesome unique toy!

You get to name your toy and give it super powers!!!!

The Lab staff does an AMAZING job of bringing your vision to life! Just like Forky came to life in our favorite movie Toy Story 4!

Once your new toy is finished they take a picture and put it in the toy gallery on their website that is viewed by other toy lovers all over the world!

Evelyn named her new toys Queen, who is the Master of Disguise and Snowman who can fly and has super strength.   Elijah named his new toy The Villain Tracker, it can track and capture villains as well as mow the lawn! 

Thank you Disney’s Toy Story 4 and Happen’s Toy Lab for such an amazing experience!  Don’t forget to buy Toy Story 4 available now on Digital, Blue-ray & 4K Ultra HD. Then book your next birthday party with Happen’s Toy Lab and create your own unique toy!



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