Women in Business: Why its More Than About the Money

Most of us strive and hustle to be financially stable. To be able to provide for our families without worry – to have money for retirement, for college, to buy the things our kids want and need; to take a vacation now and then.

A lot of women invest not only themselves, but their time and money into building a business that they can call their own; their own blood, sweat and tears. A business that they can be proud of, to be just not ‘another employee’.

It can be a struggle to work long hours, day after day, week after week , year after year; missing your kids “donuts with Mom” for Mother’s Day, or being late to their soccer game because well, you have to make money right?

But for a lot of Moms, its more than just the money. Its the connection, its the giving and sharing with others that really make it all worth while.

For example, take successful business owner, Chrissy Weems. She started a small business with her daughter, selling lockets with charms. The business boomed, and within 4 years their little kiosk in the mall expanded to an online business worth over $250 million dollars! Can you even imagine?

The CEO and co-founder of Origami Owl, Chrissy Weems, graduated from the Arizona State University and became a stay at home Mom. She started her company in pursuit to help her daughter Bella to gain confidence, and the aspect that her daughter was entrepreneurial was a big contributor for Chrissy to help her to raise money to get her a car for her 16th birthday.

Bella had saved $350 from her babysitting jobs she was doing when she was 14 years old, and Chrissy matched by contributing $350. With a two year period to raise more money, Bella and Chrissy Weems partnered and started crafting the Origami Owl business that was producing a selection of memory lockets.

The Origami Owl brand had several opportunities to bring on investors and hand over the reigns and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. But Chrissy didn’t like the thought of their brand being just about the money – so she refused.

Origami Owl does a TON for their local community. They donate money to causes in their home state of Arizona like academic opportunities for children, children support, and even economic empowerment of women in developing nations.

All the staff at Origami Owl wants to make a difference – they have made they have created entrepreneurship opportunities for others. it’s not about getting rich; its about helping families afford to actually buy a house, to pay for the sports camp, or dance lessons, or another car payment. Origami Owl is for people like us. 

Besides loving a product, nothing makes me want to buy something more than having a company that stands behind what they believe in. Watch Chrissy’s story about the start of her business, and why its soo important to her to keep it close to home.


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