Belterra Casino & Resort Getaway Fun

I felt like it was about that time again, time to get away. I needed to escape from the kids, the house, and just life itself for a bit! I had such an amazing time at Belterra Resort last time I went that I knew I wanted to go there again. It is the perfect location, so much to do, great restaurants and activities, and close enough to home to be a perfect weekend getaway!


Belterra has so much to offer for a wide range of ages, normally you would think that it is just for adults because it is associated with the Casino, but that’s not necessarily true! You could use the resort as a family get away as well because of all the great amenities that the hotel and resort have to offer, like:

The Pool: I had the privilege of spending the afternoon by the beautiful pool at Belterra! The weather was a perfect, sunny day and the water was the perfect temperature for cooling off after laying out in the hot sun for a while. The nice thing about the Belterra pool is that the whole pool itself is lined with chaises for laying out and getting a tan, and also private little cabanas where you can get out of the sun for a bit but still enjoy the outdoors, or even take a nap! The cabanas are the perfect spot to take a nice, outdoor, relaxing cat nap.


The Belterra Golf Club: Golf is such a relaxing sport and the Belterra has a beautiful golf course! You can enjoy yourself with a nice round of golf, while getting a workout in because walking that 18 hole course is quite the walk! After you finish off your game of golf, you can cool off and relax with a nice drink at the club house!


The Beleza Spa and Salon: This is the best part for women who are looking to get pampered! This should be your main attraction if you’re spending the weekend at Belterra for a girl’s weekend! You can get anything from massages to facials to even a pedicure or even get your hair done! They have an amazing package for bridal parties as well!

Among all these amazing things to do within the hotel, there is also a gym where you can get in your daily workout or even go shopping for the day and pick up a great outfit for the night out! You can enjoy live entertainment in the Center Stage Showroom and so much more!

Let’s move onto food, Belterra is filled with a bunch of really delicious restaurants with all sorts of different foods, and price ranges! I was really looking forward to having a nice dinner out because I haven’t had a really good, nice quality meal in quite some time..Dinner was one of the things I was looking forward to most!

Stadium Sports Bar & Grill: This bar & grill is where we ate our meal at last time we visited Belterra and it was really great! They have awesome finger foods such as wings, sliders, then paired with delicious pizzas, burgers, and they have 50 different beers you can choose from! This restaurant has a good time, laid back feel because they are wearing sports uniforms and really everyone is just there to have a good time!

The Buffet at Belterra: We were really tempted to go for the buffet this time, but ultimately decided against it. It was very tempting though filled with such a large variety of food. They have anything you’re looking to eat from pizza, pasta, and various meats to crab legs, other seafood, and even sushi! On top of all that, they have a huge variety of delicious desserts to pick from

19 Steak & Seafood: Last time we were at Belterra we REALLY wanted to try 19, so this time I was determined that this is where we were going to go! I was ready for a nice night out and an evening filled with fine dining. Everyone at 19 was extremely great! From the time we got sat until we finished our meal, everyone was so kind and took great care of us! We have the privelage of meeting both managers running the store, LaDonna and Dan, as well as the Chef, Craig Smit! We were served by Paul and he took really great care of us, making sure we had everything we needed!




We started our meal with some delicious crab cakes and a salad, and then I got a 9 oz Steak, my husband got the Chef’s Special which was a Steak paired with Crab, Shrimp, and Asparagus. We shared some Garlic Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and their delicious Mac n Cheese, finishing off the meal with a Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream! This was such an amazing experience at 19 and I think it was definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever had!



Nosh: Nosh is a small cafe located in the Hotel as well, they have a variety of muffins/baked goods, sandwiches, soups, and all sorts of coffees and teas! We stopped by for a bit of a midnight snack after gambling for the night and I got a beautifully designed chocolate cupcake with a blue flower design on top, it was sooo delicious!!

As far as accommodations go, I am always extremely impressed with the hotel rooms provided! The rooms are so spacious, elegant, clean, and just very high quality. Everytime I have come to Belterra, the rooms and service have been top notch and I couldn’t be happier with the staying arrangements! Not to mention, the beds are EXTREMELY comfortable, and you’re able to take a nice relaxing bath at the end of the night with the spa style tub to top off a perfect night!



Finally, let’s talk about the Casino! Belterra’s casino is a really great place to have a good time! The casino is filled with all sorts of games for whatever you like to play! Now, I’m not the best at gambling… I’m not too big on Texas Hold ‘Em or Poker, but I really enjoy the slots…they are my favorite!! Playing the slots allows me to have a great time and I don’t have to spend a ton of money! They also have virtual poker and a poker room if you are a bit more skilled and have a bit more money to gamble with! The Casino floor has so many different machines and types of games, they offer free soft drinks, and it is a nice option that they offer a non smoking section for those who want to have a good time without the smell of smoke around. Belterra also offers a MyChoice Rewards card that allows you to earn rewards like coupons and so much more! On your first trip to the casino any money that you lose between $5 and $500 you will get back in coupons and rewards, so that’s a big bonus of having the MyChoice card! I ended up leaving with being a little bit in the profit zone, so I had a pretty good night at the Casino!

We had such an amazing time at Belterra, again! I really do love the Belterra Hotel & Resort and I will definitely be coming back next time I need to take a mini vacation from life!


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    Belterra is a wonderful place I enjoyed your post about it. Dave

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