4 Benefits of Using YouTube to Promote a Business

When businesses think about their online strategy, they often think primarily about the two key digital players: Google and Facebook. While both sites are an integral part of online marketing, they should not be the only two sources that a business owner consult when developing their online presence. The video sharing site, YouTube, has incredible potential for a small business owner, which is only increased by the power provided to it through Google’s supervision. There are many benefits that a business can take advantage of when they make the use of YouTube a priority in their digital marketing campaign. Here are just four benefits of using YouTube to promote a business:

Sheer Size

A surprising fact about YouTube is that it is actually the second largest search engine on the Internet, second only to Google. This means that it stands in front of both Yahoo! and Bing when people are looking for information. It is also the third most visited website in the world after Google and Facebook. Just the sheer size and scale of YouTube’s user base will put your business in front of millions of eyes around the world.

Building Email Lists

There are a variety of things you can integrate into your videos using software that you can use to grow your customer and marketing base. One of the most beneficial things available through this medium is the ability to allow viewers to sign up for your emails, subscriptions and newsletters during the video. You can use special software that will embed the sign-up form for your newsletter straight into the video. YouTube is full of tricks similar to this that will help you grow your business.

Social Media Integration

YouTube functions seamlessly with many of the top social media sites on the Internet today. It is, therefore, the perfect fit to spread a visual message across several platforms at once. Also, because it is owned by Google, it is specially designed for integration into Google’s SEO program. This is called AdWords for Video, and it means that you can reach customers interested in your content much easier. It is also a good deal, as you only pay if the viewer watched the video for at least 30 seconds. It’s also a great value because rather than paying for clicks, you only pay if the viewer becomes truly engaged with the video.

Make Your Money Back

Obviously a successful advertising campaign will grow your customers and by extension, your revenues. However, YouTube has a program that rewards successful content providers financially. If you commit to creating content for YouTube, you can earn money through the AdSense for Video program. The details of the program are easy, and it’s a great way to fund your advertising campaign on YouTube.

YouTube is more than just a viable platform for business advertising. It is a great way to reach a huge amount of customers and leave them with a more meaningful impression through valuable video content. Even educational institutions such as the Archer School for Girls videos are finding success through the creation of video content.

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