Behind the Scenes of Dent Schoolhouse – and New Treats at Dunkin’!

Every Halloween season me and my niece Kayla search for the scariest adventures we can find!  We finally got to go to the Dent Schoolhouse last year for the first time so to get the chance to do the behind the scenes tour thanks to Dunkin’ Donuts we jumped on it! Literally! This Haunted house is not like any other!  (It was creepy even with the lights on!) It’s rumored that the old school house in actually haunted!

So the story goes that the Dent Schoolhouse was actually a real school that opened in 1894, and still has the original working school bell in the bell tower. Rumor has it that children started to go missing around the 1940’s and 1950’s! They say that Charlie the janitor at the school was the one who was responsible for the missing children. It’s been said that he had the rotting bodies of the students he had murdered stored in the basement!

We really don’t know if this is truly what happened but the school was closed down in the 1950’s and never opened again. The Boy Scouts ended up opening the school as a haunted house until the current owners transformed it into what we now know as The Dent Schoolhouse.  It’s now been a haunted attraction for over 20 years, and gets scarier every year! Everything in the schoolhouse is themed as if the schoolhouse shut down in the 1950’s and the is jam-packed full of real antiques and artifacts from that era.

The haunt is home to over 200 prop jack o’lanterns and the catacombs section of the schoolhouse is home to almost 4,000 handmade human skulls! America Haunts has ranked The Dent Schoolhouse as #3 in America for 2018


Be prepared for MONSTER sized spiders, a trash dump filled with human body parts and don’t forget the saw that cuts up the human flesh for the school’s sloppy joes!

The Dent Schoolhouse has over 200 employees throughout the season from costume and makeup design to GREAT actors that really know how to play the part! Thanks to The Dent Schoolhouse and Dunkin’ Donuts we got a chance to get some hands on experience with one of their make up artist and created a scary look of our own!

The Dent Schoolhouse is open Thursdays and Sundays 7:30pm – 10pm and Fridays and Saturdays 7:30pm – 12am now through November 3rd!  You can get discounted tickets for the Dent Schoolhouse at all 47 Great Cincinnati area Dunkin’ Donuts locations including the NEW Burlington, KY store that’s now open!

National Coffee day is today 9/29! Don’t forget to stop by your local Dunkin’ Donuts for a BOGO offer (Saturday 9/29/18 Only) Buy any Hot Coffee & Get One of equal or lesser value FREE!!

While you’re there make sure you get some of their AMAZING donuts! We got to decorate some donuts during our scary adventure at the Dent Schoolhouse. We also got to try their new Oreo Donuts and Oreo Hot Chocolate that comes out October 1st! It was AMAZING!

Make sure you come back to The Dent Schoolhouse in December for one weekend ONLY  (12/7 & 12/8) to celebrate Christmas at a haunted house with their “A Christmas Nightmare”.

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