An AMAZING Nighttime Experience: TIGERS Night Safari in Myrtle Beach

Edit: I’m reposting since I had a lot of questions about our visit since the showing of Tiger King on Netflix. Everything we experienced was amazing , the tigers looked to be well fed and safe. These were some wonderful memories with my family! If you get the chance to go and hear their stories I would highly suggest it !

So as most of you know I LOVE the BEACH! It’s my favorite place to vacation (with Disney/Universal just slightly below in second place). It’s my solace and I could sit at the beach day and night and be happy – however sometimes when you travel with other they want to you know, do stuff. Especially the kids.

A few years back I shared about how my husband and I visited TIGERS Myrtle Beach for a daytime safari and I was uberly impressed. It was an amazing experience, and I knew that next time we visited Myrtle Beach I would have to bring the kids back and let them experience the same!

So if you aren’t familiar with TIGERS Myrtle Beach, it’s a Wild Encounters Day and Night Safari Tour that homes nearly 200 wild animals – including over 60 big cats! The animals are most definitely center stage , and it’s fully interactive, hands-on experience with animals you normally only see from a distance. You can cuddle a tiger cub, get up close and personal with a wolf, hang out with apes, and see big tigers up close and personal – and even hang out with a 9,000 lb african elephant. They also have an amazing animal you’d never expect to see – a LIGER! A liger is just what you think; a mix of a tiger and a lion, and it’s the worlds largest cat (it weighs over 900 lbs!) And it’s all there for you to experience – and make memories!

The night safari is a bit different than the day safari – but it’s still a wonderful experience! I feel like they definitely concentrate more on the tigers during the night time safari, which is fine by me! I love tigers! But you also get a lot of interactions with monkeys, birds, even baby wolves!

OBVIOUSLY when you go you absolutely NEED to buy the photo package! You aren’t allowed to bring in your phone (obvious reasons) plus who wants to be messing with your cell phone going off when you have all these wonderful fluffy babies surrounding you? Plus, this way you get some great photos, to help share those great memories!

Another really cool experience is that you get to have a campfire with a CHIMP! You roast vegan hot dogs, marshmallows, and watch the chimp enjoy the same. It’s quite an experience (to be honest, I think the chimp scared me more than getting close to the tigers lol).

It’s a beautiful area, and even in the summer we had a nice cool night (so don’t forget to bring a light jacket).

I loved the part of the tour where you got to ‘feed the tigers’ – its through the glass, but you really are up close and personal with the tigers.

This is an experience that my kids talked about for weeks! It will be a childhood memory they will never forget, and worth every penny! If you find yourself in Myrtle Beach you need to schedule a tour – you definitely don’t want to miss it!



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