The Best Food Options to Make Your Super Bowl Party a Touchdown

The Best Food Options to Make Your Superbowl Party a Touchdown

Work: we all do it. Maybe you do construction work for ten hours a day, or perhaps you’re a physician that performs minimally invasive surgeries like the kind found at You might even be a stay-at-home parent that works tirelessly to keep your house clean, the family fed, and your sanity intact. That is all well and good, but you can throw it all out the window come Superbowl Sunday.


We wait each year to get together with friends and family as our favorite NFL teams compete to win it all. But it’s not just about the game, it’s also about the amazing food! An abysmal selection of snacks to munch on throughout the game can really kill the vibe of the party, but having great food to stuff our faces with for a few hours can elevate a small gathering into an event. Here are some of the best food options for your Superbowl party that are sure to have guests lining up at your door.


Smoked Wings


Wings on game day? Count us in! You can make these yourself or order them with a variety of different options. You can get boned or boneless, dry rub or doused in sauce, toppings, and dipping sauces on the side. There’s just something about leaving a pile of saucy bones on your plate that really brings out your primal nature on game day.


Piping Hot Pizza


Do you think people will actually show up if you don’t even have pizza? There is an endless number of different pizza joint options to order from, but the real challenge is choosing your toppings: pepperoni, sausage, beef, ham, mushrooms, pineapple, olives, onions; the list goes on and on. It’s best to play it safe and order several large pizzas with a variety of toppings—if you’re lucky you may even get a slice yourself before they’re all gone.


Hero Subs


There’s something about a sub on game day that puts a smile on our faces and fills our bellies. You can opt to make a bunch of your own, or go out and purchase some from your favorite sub shop. Some establishments even have specials around the Superbowl where they offer giant subs that can be several yards long! That should be plenty enough to share.


Chips and Dips


No Superbowl would be complete without chips and dips; they’re a sporting event staple at this point. This is also easy, as you just need to go to your local store and pick up a handful of different flavors, like tortilla chips, barbecue, sour cream and onion, cheddar cheese, and, of course, classic. For dips, you can whip up a spinach artichoke dip, buffalo dip, blue cheese dip, sour cream, queso, and pretty much anything else you can think of! Just don’t forget to grab a bag of Doritos to go with it all.


Finger Food


There are no better food options for a party than finger food. It allows guests to try a little bit of everything on the table! Plus, there is a large selection of different foods to choose from: little smokies, meatballs, an assortment of cheese and crackers with slices of meat, and loads more. It’s probably a good idea to include some fruits and veggies for those healthy people, too—just so long as there’s ranch around for everyone else.


Something to Wash it All Down


You don’t expect your guests to drink tap water on game day, do you? It’s appropriate to have your fridge stocked with an assortment of drink options to accommodate everyone’s personal preferences. Drinks like punch, soda, tea, lemonade, are popular and easy to get in large quantities. Oh, and there are bound to be some beer drinkers, so kindly have a bottle opener at the ready.


Game Time!


You can’t go wrong with preparing any of these delicious dishes come Superbowl Sunday. Regardless of whichever ones you decide to make, they’ll all leave your guests happy, full, and rooting for their favorite team with a wing in their hand.


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