7 Savvy Ways to Eradicate Those Weeds in Your Garden for Good

We are lucky to live in Britain; our weather is the best! Everyone moans about it – and those who have been flooded recently have good cause – but it’s really not that bad on the whole. Ye, our summers feel terribly short, and we can’t spend a lot of time in the sea around our coast without getting hypothermia. However, our climate is great for our gardens.

We may not be able to grow the most delicate tropical plants, but we have a massive selection for what will grow.

We love our gardens and spend a lot of time preening them. The winter always seems longer when we are itching to get outside and tidy up ready for the growing season. There are some, however, who dread the thought of endless lawn mowing and constant weeding.

I am writing this in the hope that those who wince at the thought of gardening can find some handy hints to make their lives a little bit easier when controlling weeds. Now the title may seem a little ambitious, however, with a little work at the start of the season there is no reason why you can’t spend the whole summer relaxing.


Sometimes there is no other option, but to apply a liberal dousing of weedkiller. This can come in particularly handy on gravel driveways or the wasteland at the end of your garden. It may not be the most suitable choice if you are keen on protecting the environment, but you do have other options available.

Hard Work

The simplest method for controlling your weeds is to get down and dirty. Using a small fork, dig meticulously in your borders and remove every trace of weeds and roots. Think of it as a therapeutic exercise. A sure way to prevent weeds growing is to remove them completely. While rummaging through your borders and beds, keep a close eye out for any sign of Japanese Knotweed. This is an invasive weed that is not native to this country. It is insidious and can destroy your home if left to its own devices. Unfortunately, if you find it you will have no option but

to call in professionals such as TP Japanese knotweed treatment or another experienced company that can be found with an internet search.


After weeding borders at the start of the season, a thick layer of mulch will prevent further weed growth. Try to lay a thickness of at least three inches, as any less will not be very effective.

Baking Soda

This is a handy tip told to me by my grandad, and it actually works. If you have weeds growing through the cracks in paths, dig them out with a knife and pour baking soda in. Weeds will not be happy growing there for a long time.


Weed proof membrane is available on a roll from all DIY shops and garden centres. Peg it in place over the soil and cover with wood chippings or gravel. Job done!


It’s not for everyone, but some choose to pour a slab of concrete in their back yards and rely on pots for planting. Each to his own I suppose.


If you can get into the habit of using the hoe for ten minutes once every few days, your weed problem will be solved. It isn’t like gardening; you don’t even have to bend down. All it takes is a relaxing stroll around your flower beds running the hoe back and forth over the surface.

So now you know what I know. Weeding needn’t give you nightmares anymore. Armed with a little wisdom you can reclaim those flower beds and enjoy the summer. Well done my friends.




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  1. Crystal Nell says:

    Great tip with the baking soda! i’m going to try that. Thanks 🙂

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