How You Can Give Your Home the Period Property Touch

Our homes, as we find out over time, become a labour of love and  lifelong project that we never actually finish. After settling in and starting to raise a family, we may look around and realise that all of the houses on our street or estate look terribly similar.



Not that there is anything wrong with that, sometimes, however, it is nice to add a few little nuances to give our home an individual touch that sets it apart from the rest. Now, if you appreciate a classical feel in your home, you may be interested in the tips I am about to give you that, when subtly applied, can give a period influence to your property.

Front Door

The front door to your property should be big and bold, Using a hardwood, panelled door that is painted to a very high gloss will make yours stand out. Fit heavy brass furniture to enhance the quality of your door.

Fit a canopy above the door. It need only be a small one, and there are plenty of people selling them online. You will find a canopy that has the period features for which you are looking.


Maybe it is time to change your windows anyway. Consider replacing them with a modern style that is sympathetic to the look you are seeking. New double glazed units are available with the panelled effect that period windows displayed.


The quality gardens of the day were not using concrete or pink paving slabs. Wherever possible use materials that were popular in the day, such as reclaimed Cawarden York Stone or other used flagstones. Build plenty of seating into your garden and paths that encourage people to explore.


The interior design can be influenced by the use of real, or imitation wood. Flooring, for example, simply oozes the quality feel that was around back then. Using natural wood flooring, or even high quality laminate that comes in stunning effects, will add to the subtle ambiance that you seek.

Interior Doors

The interior doors can be changed quickly and easily to modern reproduction alternatives. Plain doors simply aren’t up to the job. As with the front door, dress them with good quality brass or lacquered furniture to gain the maximum effect from them.


All of the best houses have ornate coving. Huge coving could look ridiculous if you have a small room so be careful how you choose the right one for you. If you are lucky enough to have a large room with a high ceiling, there is far more choice available to you. Period coving can still be found, or even made, in the specification of your choice.


A real fire will set the scene perfectly. Compliment this with a reproduction, or original if your budget will stretch to it, fire surround and you have a winning combination. Not only will it give you the look that you seek, but it will be a welcome luxury come winter.

If you have followed my quick guide, your home should now have a different feel to it that is not in your face. It is more of a subtle effect that is achieved by a lot of little touches working together. It can cost quite a lot of money to complete this project, but you have all the time in the world. Every little job is potentially increasing the value of your home too.

So what is your next project?


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