Bouncing Back from Holiday Weight Gain

Fun fact: According to the National Institute of Health, the average American gains one pound over the holiday season. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Well, experts also believe that most people’s health, particularly women’s health, rarely bounces back to lose that one pound once the holidays are over. Add that to weight gain that occurs over the rest of the year and you have a less­than­tasty recipe for adult obesity. Don’t become a statistic! Instead, read these awesome tips from consumer healthcare website Treato and start the New Year off right!


Get back to your normal routine.

Taking time off from work, traveling to visit family and preparing for large gatherings combine to make the holidays exciting—and stressful! And when you’re stressed you’re more likely to overindulge. Thanksgiving fixings and Christmas cookies? Why not?!

Now that the clock has struck twelve and things are starting to get back to normal, it’s time to return to your normal routine. Take the leftover holiday sweets to work and leave the calorie­counting to your coworkers. Use free time during the weekend to plan out your healthy meals for the week. If you’ve been skipping workouts the last few weeks (I certainly have!), try exercising once in the morning and once at night. You don’t have to do this regularly but a “two­a­day” will provide a nice shock to your system.

Get your annual check­up.

Start the year with your annual check­up. If you’re worried about recent weight gain, a physician can tell you if a new health condition might be to blame and assess your current health status. Be sure to discuss changes you want to make to your diet and lifestyle.

Meet with a personal trainer.

When setting health goals for the New Year, a personal trainer should be the next person you consult after seeing a physician. Many gyms offer a free personal training session when you become a member. Your trainer can pinpoint problem areas and come up with workouts that will challenge and empower you.

Use the buddy system.

There’s a very good chance that a friend or family member is also looking to work off the holiday pounds. Join forces to hold yourselves accountable. When you’re craving fatty foods, meet up with your buddy for a healthy snack or make plans to cook a nutritious—and delicious!—meal together. On days when all you want to do after work is put on your PJ’s and order takeout, see if your buddy wants to go for a walk or bike ride. Working out is a lot more fun when you have someone to compete with.

Find a physical activity that you enjoy.

If PE was your worst class in high school, then even an awesome personal trainer won’t solve your aversion to working out. Rather than trying to force it, find a physical activity that you really enjoy. Biking, for example, reduces your carbon footprint and provides a great cardiovascular workout. To venture further outside the box, have you ever tried rock climbing? It’s becoming increasingly popular and most cities and towns have indoor climbing gyms.

Have fun!

A new diet or exercise plan shouldn’t feel like a prison sentence. If you do it right, getting back in shape can be an opportunity to reconnect with old friends—or even make new ones! When you’re tempted by sugary snacks in the break room, remember that an apple will give you sustained energy and prevent the infamous afternoon slump. If you do slip, don’t beat yourself up for it. You’re only human and no one is perfect. As you sweat off that holiday weight, remember to be kind to yourself and enjoy the ride.

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