5 Tips for Bike Rider Beginners

Well, I don’t know about all of you but I’ve been in health mode lately! I’m really trying to turn my health around and get in shape! I have begun bicycle riding and when I first started, I didn’t think I would EVER last with doing this! But I never gave up! Bicycle riding is a fantastic workout! It is a great form of cardio, and great for those of us who have a bigger lower section, really helps to thin out the legs! So, bicycle riding can be difficult and it’s not an easy task…but it is possible! If I can do it, you can do it! So here’s a few tips to get you from beginner to pro in no time!
1. Get a nice comfortable bike. I would not recommend getting a mountain bike, they have tiny seats and sometimes can be difficult to ride. I would recommend getting a cruiser bike, but one that also has gears. I personally have a 7 speed cruiser from Walmart to support breast cancer awareness!  They are extremely affordable, look great, and operate great! What is nice about cruisers is that they have big, nice, roomy seats for a much more comfortable ride, which can be vital when it comes to your riding experience.
2.Stay Hydrated!! Hydration is EXTREMELY important when doing any type of physical activity, especially when it is Summer and the temperature can get up to 90+ degrees! I recommend getting a camelback backpack for hydration while you are riding. But if you don’t want to splurge for that feature, a simple water bottle can be thrown into a drawstring backpack and you can stay hydrated that way. I recommend this one from Amazon, it’s a great price.
3. Keep a good pace. You aren’t in a race, you’re simply trying to get a nice, effective workout in when you’re a beginner. So don’t worry about pedaling extremely fast or anything like that. Go as slow as you would like, just as long as you are constantly pedaling. Keeping a constant, no matter what speed, is what is going to make or break your workout. The more you are moving, the more calories you are going to burn..and the harder your body is working out.
4. Choose a flat trail. Being a beginner, it can be extremely hard on your body to try to go up and down hills on your bike ride. I started trying to ride around my neighborhood because I thought that would be easier than doing a bike trail. But it was actually much much harder than I thought. So I was introduced to a trail that although it was over 40 miles long, it was completely flat. And the great part is, you don’t have to ride the whole trail. You can choose how far you want to go, and then turn around and head back. It’s not mandatory! If you’re local to the Cincinnati-Area, I recommend the Loveland Bike Trail. Check out their site here for directions.
5. Download a tracking app. There are several apps in both the Android as well as the Apple App stores that you can download to track your whole trip via GPS, how many calories you burn, your speed, as well as how long it took you to complete your workout. I highly recommend the app, Map My Ride found in the Apple iTunes store. This is extremely helpful to me, it helps me to set new goals for myself, and the great thing is, it talks to me and tells me distance and time as I go. Every 5 miles it tells you what milestone you are at and how long it has been. This is a great app, it helps track my workout and you can even share to social media your accomplishments so your friends and family can support you as well! You can read more about Map My Ride here.
I hope everyone takes the initiative to get out and get active this summer! Bike riding has become a new love of mine, although it was difficult at first..I now love to do it and never want Summer to end so I can constantly go! It helps me to maintain an active lifestyle, as well as a new hobby of mine that I thoroughly enjoy! I hope these tips help encourage you on your journey to begin bike riding! Have fun, and be safe!
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