3D Robotics Solo Drone – Available at Best Buy!

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If you are looking for a great Father’s Day gift (or birthday gift, or even if you are a planner – a Christmas gift) you have to check and see if your local Best Buy carries the amazing Solo 3DR Drone. These drones are so awesome, I’m thinking about getting one for myself!


·   Solo can guide it’s own flight (smart shot mode), allowing the user to focus on getting the perfect shot. Solo is the first to support full control of  GoPro® cameras and deliver live HD video either wirelessly to your mobile device or through the controller’s HDMI port!

Here’s why I LOVE this drone. While in Smart Shot mode you can actually tell the drone how to  fly – Here’s the different  smart shot options:

Cablecam: Lock Solo onto a virtual cable between any two points in space. Then, using just one stick on the controller, you can move Solo up and down the cable. This lets you freely pan and tilt the camera while the drone stays in steady flight. Solo can even memorize your first and last frames and pan the camera between them.

Orbit: Solo can automatically circle a subject of your choosing, keeping the camera pointed inward to capture an iconic wraparound shot. Adjust the circle’s radius to get the exact frame you want, even mid-flight.

Selfie: With just one touch, Solo will fly up and away, keeping the camera centered on you so the scenery around you expands in a dramatic aerial pullout shot. (My favorite!!)

Follow Me: Go completely hands-free. Solo can follow where you go, automatically keeping the camera on you to capture your every move. (stalker drone!)

two female hiker above the sea of fog on top of a mountain at sunset

two female hiker above the sea of fog on top of a mountain at sunset

Also, the controller is built for aerial photography. Its like a video game–style design, so it feels familiar, even to new pilots.It even has a pause button that will let you stop the Solo mid-flight at anytime.

Right now you can  get a FREE Solo Smart Battery (Reg. Price: $149.99) when you purchase the 3DR Solo Drone (Sku: 5354101). Valid 6/7-7/11 at Best Buy.

Disclaimer: Offer valid with purchase of the 3DR Solo Drone SKU: 5351035

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