5 Mother’s Day Surprises to Look Forward

For this upcoming second Sunday of May, what are your plans? Are you bringing mother’s day flowers as a gift or taking your mom out somewhere? Well, in case, you still have not geared up for the upcoming Mother’s Day, you can take up some suggestions from the paragraph below. The element of surprise should be the spirit of your gift as that would excite your mom more than anything else.

Surprise # 1: Making a video for mom

This one is going to be fun! Gather your family members and relatives in this video and make a movie for her. These days, so many editing applications are available online and using these tools you can really make a good movie on her. Interview the family and relatives on your mom, capture some old photographs, show those locales that she loves – and make a clever mix of emotion and fun. Play the video in your giant TV screen in drawing room to surprise her. She is bound to get touched with this unique mom’s day gift.


Surprise # 2: Admission in some course

This one would be a dream come true for her. May be she always wanted to learn Salsa or piano. Or who knows may be in her twenties she wished to learn a foreign language or pottery. But with due course of time, she could not fulfil that desire. Now is the time to do so – what say? So, know that secret desire first and then inside the daily newspaper insert the admission form of that course. Be that bright smile on your mom’s face.


Surprise # 3: A day out with her

Leaving all the hassles of daily chores away, just going away to some place is an amazing feeling in itself. Just don’t worry about the day ahead and leave unplanned with your mom in your scooty. Have breakfast in a roadside Dhaba and drink water from the local pond. Some amazing feeling is hidden behind these activities. And your mom would enjoy a break from the monotony of daily life which would be simply rejuvenating for her soul.

Surprise # 4: Cook for her

Be it the boy or girl child, it is really a dream for a mom to eat something made by her children. She would be proud of you seriously. Make her sit with popcorn and cold drinks in front of TV screen and engage yourself in kitchen. If you cannot make all her favorite dishes, at least make one or two and order the rest from outside. But make sure to prepare the sweet dish yourself as that is auspicious. You can make mother’s day cupcakes for her.



Surprise # 5: Ways to relax

There are a few ways to relax and meditation and spa tops the chart. Either take her out to some spa salon or to some meditation center. She would feel younger than before for sure. You can also bring some essential oils and fragrant candles at home which she can use for her meditation and feel lighter.



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