LEGO Easter Basket Ideas

My son has a tendency to get a bit obsessed with what he loves to play with. A few years ago all I heard about was Power Rangers – he watched it every day on T.V., he had to have all the swords, the figures, the outfits. It was Power Rangers this, Power Rangers that. As he’s gotten a bit older he has started an obsession with LEGO everything, and I have to admit, I’ve probably made it worse. I know that LEGO sets are great for his mind, his creativity, and it’s something that he can play with for years and years (therefore I don’t feel like I’m wasting money!) It’s so bad that he earns LEGO sets instead of money for doing chores, and every holiday – Christmas to Valentines, and of course Easter, his only request is LEGO, LEGO and more LEGO! It’s gone so far that he’s even got his 10 year old sister creating LEGO YouTube Videos with him, and requesting LEGO sets of her own!


So as I was shopping around online, of course mostly on Amazon because they have everything, I thought I would share some great LEGO gifts for your kiddos for Easter. With Amazon 2 day shipping, there is plenty of time to get whichever LEGO you may choose in time to get it in their Easter baskets!

***UPDATED:This is by far my favorite Easter Lego Surprise – 20 Easter eggs with 20 mini toy figures! Only $17.49 with PRIME SHIPPING! Get this before it sells out! (My son and nephew are going to FREAK!)

The first one I found in my hunt (ha!) was the LEGO Easter Bunny, for ages 7 and up, it has approx. 106 pieces. My 5 yr old easily puts together the ages 7+ sets, but he also has a lot of experience. If you do buy this for a younger child, you may have to help a bit. For less than $30 this is a great Easter basket surprise! (just click on the image of each item to find them on Amazon!)

The Lego Easter Chick is also super cute and makes a great combo with the Easter Bunny! Less than $20 – and FREE Prime shipping!

The Lego Seasonal Springtime Scene is adorable, and great for either a boy or a girl. This set is ages 6+ and has 88 pieces.Free shipping with Amazon prime!

The LEGO Bunny & Chick set are super cute too – (it comes as a bagged set)

This next set is super cute for a little girl who loves pink! The LEGO BUNNY HUTCH I am so glad LEGO has finally decided to make some more ‘girly’ colors. This set is for ages 1 1/2 to 5 , and has 30 pieces. Great for little ones to start their hands at LEGO building. What I love about these is that there are no instructions, they can just be creative without following any directions. Right now Amazon has these for just $14.99 plus 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime!


Next on this list is some LEGO MOVIE sets. My son was in LOVE with this movie, and these are the sets he’s been asking for the most lately. I recently purchased him the Cloud Cuckoo Palace and he LOVES Unikitty (shh don’t tell!) and it’s a unique piece that isn’t in a lot of the LEGO MOVIE LEGO sets. Right now Amazon has it for $19.97 with 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime!

I am going with a total LEGO theme for his basket, so I decided to pick up a LEGO tote of sorts to use as a basket. What’s great is they can also use it to store their LEGO sets and loose pieces, so it’s not a waste like a different type of Easter baskets. I haven’t decided on which one I’m doing yet, but here are a few ideas: (great for LEGO storage!)


Another great one for the younger kiddos, is the Lego My First Garden set. It’s for ages 1 1/2 to 5, and has 38 pieces. Amazon has it for $10.39 right now, and 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime! 


What I love is that LEGO has finally came up with the in between for the kids who are too big for the LEGO DUPLOS and too small for the bigger LEGO sets. LEGO JUNIOR is the prefect size for those wanting to put sets together on their own, but they don’t have the attention span or coordination to put together the older sets. My nephew is right in the middle, and these JUNIOR sets are PERFECT for him! The LEGO JUNIORS are for ages 4-7.  The construction set is on Amazon right now for just $11.99 plus 2 day free shipping with Amazon Prime (I ordered this set for my nephew for Easter!) You can get the Race Car Rally with 350 pieces for $23.99 (includes Amazon Prime shipping as well), Spider-Man Car pursuit with 55 pieces for $12.99, Batman: Defend the Batcave 150 pieces for $32.99 and of course the pretty pink Princess Play Castle with 150 pieces for $11.99

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  1. Oh I love the Easter set!! I’ll have to get it for my boy!

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