3 Serious Problems To Watch Out For In Your Home


Owning a home is a lot more stressful than you think! There are lots of different issues and problems that you need to be aware of. As a result, you’re constantly monitoring your home. Speaking of which, here are three of the most serious home problems you need to be on the lookout for:

Drainage Problems

Your house will have multiple drains all connected via pipes. Problems with the drainage in your home are very common. Whether it’s a blocked toilet or an overflowing kitchen sink, they all come down to the drainage system. It’s very important that you keep an eye on all the many potential problem areas in your home. The toilet is a number one source of issues, and the key thing to do is ensure no one puts anything stupid down there. When I was younger, one of my siblings flushed their toys down the toilet. As you can imagine, problems ensued! Most issues can be solved by a plumber, but it’s best to avoid the cost of calling one out by simply being more careful and stopping these issues before they start.

Water Damage

Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll be surprised at how many homes suffer from it. Most people have water damage on the walls or ceiling of their bathroom. This is caused by the excess moisture in the air, which makes the surfaces wet. Why is this bad? Because water damage can turn to mould, which rots your walls. You’ll need to get a restoration company in to fix the damage, as most water damage can’t be cleared away by hand. Other instances where water damage occurs is in floods or bouts of bad weather. If there’s ever torrential rain, then always check in your loft to ensure nothing has leaked through the roof. If it has, then it can very easily damage your wooden structures in the loft.

Rotting Wood

Every house will end up with various bits and pieces made out of wood. Doors can be made from the stuff, as can doorways, along with beams in your roof. Over time, the wooden structures in your home can rot away. This may happen naturally, or be the result of termites and other things. It’s very important to keep an eye out for rotting wood as it could cause serious issues in your home. Again, going up to your roof, a rotting beat that completely rots away may have consequences for the stability of your roof. At a less serious level, rotting wood is gross and ruins the interior design of your home. Get the specialists in if you have this issue, and keep a close eye on all the wooden bits and pieces in your home to make sure you spot rot right away.


Keep a lookout for these problems as they pose many issues for the modern homeowner. The good news is, all of the issues can be solved if you call in some help. However, the earlier you spot them, the easier it is to sort them out.


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