5 Affordable Metals Used for Crafting Expensive-Looking Jewelry

People are often led to believe that when it comes to buying jewelry expensive equates to better-looking pieces. However, that’s always not the case. One of the major factors that drive the price up is the rarity of the metal used to craft the jewelry. To help you find great looking pieces without burning a hole in your pocket, here’re 5 affordable metal options that can be used to create amazing jewelry.

9ct Gold: People often forget that they can buy gold jewelry without paying the premium price. By simply selecting a jewelry with a lower carat value, buyers can score a significant discount. Some would also argue, that 9ct gold looks more expensive than something like a 22ct item because of its subtle golden shade. Thanks to gold’s malleable nature, jewelry made from 9ct gold can have intricate designs. For example, when ordering 9ct gold bracelet online you would find everything from simple looped-chain designs to gem-fitted masterpieces.

Sterling Silver: With nearly double the durability of pure silver, sterling silver is both timeless and classy. Sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver and the rest is other metals. While this alloy is susceptible to oxidation, what’s great about sterling silver is that it can be polished and cleaned pretty easily. Muck like gold, sterling silver can be easily shaped to form different designs. This is why it’s not hard to find intricately crafted cufflinks, bracelets, and rings made from this affordable metal.

Tungsten: Thanks to its vibranium-like durability, tungsten jewelry can easily last generations. Unlike silver, tungsten is resistant to tarnishing and thus doesn’t require frequent polishing. The metal is also highly scratch resistant and it has a natural sheen that closely mimics the luster of silver jewelry. However, the hardness of the metal prevents jewelry makers to create intricate designs. This is means if you are going to buy tungsten jewelry you might have to settle for simple rings with subtle etched designs.

Titanium: Titanium is like the cooler brother of platinum. No one takes titanium seriously but it has a lot in common with its more expensive sibling. Titanium has a silvery gleam, which looks almost identical to platinum. Both platinum and titanium are natural metals and they are both extremely durable. Among the advantages, titanium is more durable and lightweight than platinum. Titanium can also be polished at home while polishing a platinum item demands a trip to the jewelers. Why is platinum more expensive than titanium? Well, titanium is abundantly available while platinum is not. If paying more just for rarity is not your thing then definitely check out titanium rings, earrings, and cufflinks available in the market.

Rose Gold: Bored of silvery and gold shades? Then watch out for rose gold. This gold alloy has a beautiful copper tinge which grants it a unique yet luxurious look.  Rose gold is made by mixing pure gold with metals such as copper and zinc. It often comes with a carat label to indicate the percentage of pure gold. Lower the gold percentage the more coppery, reddish color the jewelry has. Among other jewelry types, rose gold rings are probably the most popular.  


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