Clogs Be Gone with Roto-Rooter

I’ve told you before about the old house I live in – where I literally think the pipes are older than any living member of my family. With 5 people and 2 cats in our house, you can imagine the type of clogs we get – especially with 2 teenage girls, and a mischievous little boy. In fact, we were just talking last night about how when my son was about 7 he tried to sneak his kitten to school – in his backpack. Thankfully I noticed he was being just a bit too careful with his backpack on the way out the door, so I checked – but I sure didn’t expect to see a cat! Obviously this is just one of many situations we have gotten ourselves into with our little guy.

So I guess I should admit I can’t always just blame the kids (though I would say clogs are about 99% them). On occasion when I’m cooking I am really really bad about putting grease down my kitchen drain.

Now it’s not on purpose – I’m just usually cooking when I get home from work, with kids asking me questions about homework, my son asking when dinner is going to be done because he’s starving, and cats meowing about the same. On more than one occasion I’ve went to drain the ground beef for tacos or spaghetti and oops – there it went.

We don’t have a garbage disposal of course, so there it went – and each time I know I’m gonna’ have to dig out the Roto-Rooter -usually the max or gel cleaner, or I’m gonna’ be in big trouble.

Having Roto-Rooter products in my closet have been a life saver on more than one occasion. Because trust me, I’ve ran out before, and it’s not pretty. Especially at 11 o’clock at night and I am trying to do dishes so I can go to bed (I cannot go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes – it ruins my morning!)

The great thing about Roto-Rooter MAX is literally within an hour I’ve been able to go right back to business – no extra work needed!

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