3 Important Things to Consider When Buying Your Very First Car

Buying your very first car is an exciting time in the life of anyone from young people just starting out in life to those who are getting their driving licence later on after years of taking public transport. However, if you are just learning to drive because you are financially in a position to buy a vehicle, it is important that you learn the rules of the road well and get in plenty of practice – both in theory as well as in driving.

When preparing to get your driving licence, take extra time to learn the theory and take as many practice tests as you can before going in to take the written test. Not only will this enable you to pass more easily but you will also have a strong foundation in actual situations you may encounter that you didn’t encounter whilst practicing behind the wheel.

1. Safety Is Always Your Main Concern

Some new drivers have always dreamed of owning a sports car that they have been wanting for years. As each new model comes out by the year, their desire for that particular car grows and grows. Unfortunately, the looks of the car may not be what you should be focusing on. Does it hold the road well, especially at higher speeds and around corners? Are there any safety issues which have hit the news such as faulty air bags or seat belts? These are all important considerations when buying a new vehicle and perhaps you need to step back from your dream for a moment in light of what you learn about potential safety issues.

2. Economy – Is It an Issue?

If you have been saving up for any length of time for a new car then chances are your finances aren’t unlimited. When this is the case, look for an economy car that is easy on petrol yet large enough to transport you and any family or friends who will be riding with you often. Technology is getting more and more advanced by the day which might lead you to a car that is dual fuel or bio-fuel. Choose an economy car before your ‘dream car’ if you have any hopes of driving it as much as you’d like.

3. Don’t Forget Emissions

The UK, like all developed nations, is cracking down on vehicles that don’t pass emissions control. Some vehicles will be taxed heavily if they don’t meet certain requirements so take the time to understand the new laws on reducing emissions and the cars that meet with these standards. Save yourself a huge headache by doing your homework in advance.

Yes, buying your very first car is fun and exciting but only if you get a car that will be fuel efficient enough to afford regular driving and safe enough to handle the roads you will be travelling. Also, be mindful of the emissions regulations and what it could cost you if you don’t operate a vehicle within certain standards as defined by the government. The key to buying the perfect car is to be prepared and educated on which type meets all of these important issues. After that, your choices are probably unlimited so enjoy shopping and above all – be safe!

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