10 Psychological Hacks for Better Mental Health

So many people focus on their physical health these days but neglect to realize their mental health is just as important. There are a few ways you can work to maintain a positive or balanced level of mental health but what happens when you find that the stress is simply too much? Anxiety can consume the best of us, depression can hit at any time and emotions can get the better of us when events occur in our life. Today I’m sharing my top 10 psychological hacks for better mental health so that you can lead a more stable, happy life.

  1. Think about Happiness – thinking about something that makes you happy is a quick mental health booster to switch your mind towards happiness for a few moments.
  2. Keep a Journal – write down things that made you happy and grateful each day, you can end the day writing in your journal and start the day by reading the prior days note.
  3. Smile More – force yourself to smile, even when you don’t feel like it. This will naturally help you boost your mind easily, and forcing a smile isn’t that hard, you can do it!
  4. Consider Options – close your eyes when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and think about options that you have at this moment so that you don’t continue in a downward spiral.
  5. Eat an Orange – really you can eat any food that has vitamin C in it because foods high in vitamin C will naturally boost your mental health.
  6. Talk Less – sometimes we over-explain our decisions or feelings to people in our life, stop over-explaining yourself by talking less so that you can keep your mental health stable.
  7. Visit an Animal Shelter – if you have a local shelter that lets visitors pet the animals, go visit and spend some time giving the shelter animals a little love.
  8. Take a Walk – go for a brisk walk around town, on a nature trail or in the park to help curb that anxiety or sadness from taking over.
  9. Organize Something – go into your junk drawer, the kitchen, or even the bathroom and organize something to get your mind off whatever is bogging you down.
  10. Wear Bright Colors – find something, anything, that’s bright in color and wear it to help boost your mental health for the day, bright colors make you feel happier.

These 10 psychological hacks for better mental health are easy enough for anyone to do, no matter how worn down you feel. Try to keep this list handy for the next time you’re feeling down and out. Each of these ideas are simple, quick and can help boost you out of that mental health funk you’re feeling right now.



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