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Plaza Art supplies watercolor brushes for both novice artists and experienced ones. The best brushes for watercolor are made of natural fiber and provide both resiliency and hold. Watercolor artists over the years have experiments with various fibers and found that brushed made of form hair tips of male sables are the best. However, the scarcity of these fibers has also lead to the development of synthetic brushes that can be used by watercolor artists. Certain effects are created using squirrel mob brushes as well.

A Myriad of Sizes & Styles

Plaza Art provides a range of watercolor brushes that suit various needs and budgets. As a rule, these brushes have a short handle since the artists’ work close to the media. The brushes come in a variety of sizes and styles. For instance, you can purchase angular, bright, Filbert, flat, mop, oval wash, round, square wash, and script or liner brushes made from either natural or synthetic fibers from us.

All of the brushes we supply are made to adhere to quality standards and will be able to hold the color and retain the shape. They are fairly easy to maintain and will bounce back to shape when treated properly.

While the watercolor brushes supplied by Plaza Art are made to last long, we recommend that they are used exclusively for watercolors to ensure that they are not damaged. Moreover, these brushed should be cleaned and dried after used and stored vertically in holders. This will prevent the water from reaching the wooden handles and expanding it, thereby, damaging the ferule. While watercolors are easy to wash off and do not stain the brush, prolonged exposure can damage the ferule or even the resiliency of the fiber.

Watercolor artists need to equip themselves with brushes in all the sizes and shapes to ensure that they are able to paint the pictures they desire. While detailing requires liner brushes, broad work such as the sky can be painted using a flat brush.

We offer different quality sets that are ideal for watercolor painters with varying degrees of proficiency. While expert artists can opt for natural fiber brushes, children can begin learning the elements of watercolor painting using lower cost synthetic brushes. We also have mid-range brushes that can be used by students and others.

A Fantastic Gift

While many watercolor artists prefer to purchase their own brushes, these brushes can also make sterling and beautiful gifts for the budding artist in your family. Plaza Art provides a set of brushes that can be gifted or purchased as well as open stock brushes for experienced artists to replace only the damaged brushes from their existing set.

Magnificent Art will be Produced

While sable hair brushes are the most preferred by watercolor artists, you can also use squirrel hair, ox hair, or pony hair watercolor brushes if you are looking for particular effects or lower cost brushes made of natural fiber. While red sable brushes are expensive, you can ensure that they last long by taking proper care of them. Ensuring that they are cleaned and dried after use will help prolong their life.

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