What to Look for In an Infant Car Seat

There’s no other feeling that can top the one of becoming a parent. Having a child is more exciting than you could have possibly imagined, but with your new role as a parent comes a wide range of responsibilities as well. Keeping your baby safe at all times will be something you constantly preoccupy yourself with, and among all the aspects revolving around child safety, you’ll also have to consider traveling specifics. Driving with a baby can be stressful at first, and one of the things to handle is getting the right infant car seat. Options are plenty, but how can you choose the ideal one? Here’s what you should look for:

5-point harness

Because safety is the most important aspect to focus on, you should choose a model that comes with a 5-point harness, ensuring the still position of your little one throughout the entire ride. When you are choosing the right baby car seat and analyzing features, opt for a seat that has two waist straps, two shoulder straps and a strap between the legs, meeting in the middle.


To make things as easy on you as possible, it’s better if you get a model that is lightweight. Whether you want to take the baby out of the car, or put the seat in another vehicle, you shouldn’t have to lift a heavy element. If you read a few reviews of baby car seats, you’ll see that the best models now available on the market are usually lightweight.

Side-impact protection

Getting involved in a crash is certainly something you would want to avoid at any cost, but for extra protection, the baby seat you choose should incorporate side-protection. Air pods or extra foam at the sides will keep your child safe during a harsher drive.

Versatility – convertible features

Babies grow quite fast, and if you are planning to invest a fairly large amount in the infant car seat, you probably want to use this element for more than a few months. Nowadays, you will come across quite a few models that have convertible features available. Convertible seats can last you throughout toddlerhood, preventing the need of a repurchase when your infant grows a bit older.

Compatibility with the LATCH system

Make sure you have checked where the LATCH attachments are in your vehicle. The LATCH system is a way of fastening the base, without actually using the seatbelt. When checking out a bay car seat model, figure out if it’s actually compatible with your car’s latch system.

Easy to clean

Everyone knows how messy infants can get, so you’ll find yourself cleaning the baby seat quite often. To not waste too much of your time with this task, opt for a seat that is easy to clean, preferably one with a machine-washable cover.

These are usually the factors that parents are advised to consider, when trying to find an infant car seat to cover their needs. Regardless of budget, try to look for these particular features first, and your money will be wisely spent.

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