What Is Vaginoplasty And Could It Help You?

There are a lot of elective surgical procedures out there that people use to improve the look or function of part of their body. However, while most people are familiar with things like nose jobs, face lifts, and breast augmentation as a concept, fewer women are aware that it is also possible to have surgeries that can improve the look and shape of your more intimate parts.

Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are procedures that people use for a number of reasons, and when vaginoplasty surgery is done by a good surgeon like David Ghozland, they can generally give the results promised.

What Is Vaginoplasty And Who Benefits From It?

Vaginoplasty is a procedure used to ‘tighten up’ the vagina. This can be done for a number of things. For instance, a vagina may have become looser during childbirth and can’t be fixed with things like Kegel exercises. It can also be the result of ageing.

The main reason why people book a vaginoplasty is to improve sexual sensation and confidence. Some women feel less appealing to current or potential partners if they have looseness because of birth or ageing, and also don’t enjoy intercourse as much. Vaginoplasty can help them regain their confidence and enjoyment. As such, it is most popular with middle-aged women and women who had difficult births.

What Is Labioplasty And What Is This Used For?

Another form of elective surgery some women have is labioplasty. Labioplasty is more a cosmetic procedure, which changes the shape and size of the inner or outer labia. This is usually done because someone is unhappy with oversized or asymmetric labia and would like to correct this, and occasionally it is done as reconstructive surgery.

Is Vaginoplasty Right For You?

As with any surgery, vaginoplasty and labioplasty do carry some risks from anaesthetic and infection, so while they are common and professionally performed procedures, you should still weigh up the benefits before deciding whether they are your best option. Some people can achieve tighter vaginas after childbirth or in middle-age simply by doing exercises that tighten the muscles, and so if the problem is not severe, this is worth trying before going under the knife. However, if you have always been self-conscious about your labia or have become less confident or found sex less enjoyable since you lost your pre-children, youthful ‘tightness’, then considering vaginoplasty may well help you psychologically as well as physically.

If you have a problem that you think could potentially be addressed by this kind of surgery, the best thing to do is arrange a consultation with a good surgeon and talk through the options available to you. In cosmetic surgery, every case is different and so this initial consultation is important in answering your questions and helping you decide if the surgery is something you want to go ahead with.

Vaginoplasty is becoming increasingly popular, however, and there are plenty of women who have no regrets about taking the plunge!

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