Weight Loss Tools to Keep You on Track

I wish I could just say “you don’t need anything besides motivation to lose weight!” Though it’s partially true (you can get by if you have to) it’s a lot easier if you have the right tools to keep you on track.

Food Scale. I can’t begin to tell you how important it is during the weight loss process to know how much you are eating; a few ounces off here and there can really add up and throw you over whatever goal you made for yourself. Whether you care counting calories or carbs, weigh your food! \

Meal Prep Containers. I know a lot of people who don’t like to waste and they have Tupperware they’ve used for like twenty years – but I am bad about forgetting mine in my car, (and my husband is even worse about leaving his at work). I don’t want to worry about my good food storage containers, and prepping for an entire weeks worth of meals takes a lot of containers! These simple containers can be re-washed and used again and again -or just pitch them if you need to (after a week in the backseat and you forgot about it – yuck!)

Crystal Light Drops. Whether you are counting carbs or calories, I swear these will be a life saver if you are a soda drinker. I personally love the pink lemonade, and my son loves the fruit punch. I always carry them with me in my purse so I have them wherever we go: I  get a large ice water when the kids want to stop for ice cream or slushies and it feels like quite a treat. You can also freeze them to make Popsicles!

MyFitnessPal. I honestly don’t know how in the world anyone has ever really tracked their food without this awesome app. If you don’t have it – download it now! Or if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use it on your computer. The app is free unless you upgrade – which I did to count my macros for the Keto diet. (just $9.99 a month) otherwise, you can enter your info (height, weight,sex) and your goals – and it will tell you how many calories/fat etc to have each day – and what I love is when you complete your day it gives you an estimate of your weight 5 weeks from now!

Fitness Tracker. I made this kind of broad, since there are various ones out there – everyone seems to have their own preferences. Some are pretty simple – they just track steps, but others can get more in depth tracking your heart rate, your sleep patterns, etc.

Get a Great Water Bottle. Water is essential  to weight loss. Some say to drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day! I currently am aiming for 100 oz per day – and I tell you, it can be difficult if you aren’t paying attention. Search around and see what type you might like best; maybe a glass one, or one that you can put fruit in, one that travels well, etc.

If you plan on joining the gym I suggest that you have a back-up work out for at home for the days you just can’t make it – there’s a lot of things that keep you from the gym – even people with the best intentions – like sick kids, a broken down car, etc. I have a few DVD’s that I have on hand for those days that I just can’t make it. My favorite right now is Cardio Dance Hoop

I love work out activities that keep me busy doing something and not just thinking “oh how much longer do I have to do this?” – each time I do this work out I can hardly believe it was an entire half hour. It also really burns the calories – burning 240 calories or more per session. My kids love to do it too, which has been great since it’s too cold for them to go out and ride bikes or go on walks.

All these items are a good start for your weight loss journey – good luck!

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