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There's something I noticed, as I walked around the park that day. The little boy, smaller then the others, pale and lathargic. The other kids were running around chasing each other, throwing snowballs, sledding down the hill. He walks as far as he can then sits. At first I thought he had a cold, but the closer I got, I noticed the circles under his eyes, and the thin cheeks. I offered him a cookie and his eyes lit up. For being as small as he was, he ate it like a champ,and looked at me for another, and I could hardly get them out of the box fast enough, before he finished another.

 Give Childhood back to children in need

Too many kids – over 3.1 million actually – lose their chance to play forever as a result of undernutrition. Inspired to give it back, Vitamin Angels in sponsoring the Give Childhood campaign. 

Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization that distributes vitamins and minerals to children and mothers in need. They support nearly 50 countries, from Africa to Asia, Latin America to the U.S.

by visiting Vitamin Angels Give Childhood to make a donation that will help deliver essential vitamins and minerals to at risk children in need

With your help, Vitamin Angels are hoping to help over 1.2 million children get their childhood back through the Give Childhood campaign running from Tuesday December 3rd (Giving Tuesday) thorugh Tuesday, December 31st. Vitamin Supplements are a cost effective way to give them the vitamin/minerals they need to survive. For just 25 cents a day, you can provide 1 child with enough Vitamin A for the entire year!

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When I was a kid, you couldn't keep me in the house. I was out playing softball, basketball, riding bikes and running around with my friends. Many children that are under nurished, don't have the energy or ability to go outside, let alone enjoy all the things a kid should.

In 2014 with our help, Vitamin Angel will reach over 40 million children with lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. Don't you want to be a part of that?

Your support today will give the gift of childhood to those in need worldwide so please donate now


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