Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops


-Pink Candy Melts (I used a dark pink as well as a light pink for some dimension, but you can choose to use just one if you would like)
-Paper Straws
-Pink and Red Sprinkles

-Arrange marshmallows on a tray or plate, lay down wax paper first to ensure they don’t stick.

-In a microwave safe bowl, melt your pink candies. Start with 1 minute and stir, then melt in 15 second intervals and stir each time until fully melted.

-You can dip the marshmallows in your chocolate but I find it easier to simply spoon it over the marshmallow.


-Sprinkle with your choice of colors or a combination of multiple colors.

-Allow to cool completely until chocolate is hardened, putting them into the fridge for about 15-20 mins usually does the trick!

-And finally, stick your paper straws in the bottom of your marshmallows to make it a “marshmallow pop”

-Wrap up in plastic and enjoy as treats!


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  1. Ellen B says:

    thanks – looks like an easy project for when my 7 year old granddaughter stays over
    she is very creative so I will have to get some crazy kind of sprinkles or decorations lol

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