Valentine’s Day Date Night “IN” with K-Y YOURS+Mine #ad



It seems to be like Valentine’s Day has always been focused on pleasing the female counterpart in a relationship. We want jewelry, chocolates, a nice dinner, champagne, a walk on the beach, candlelight, to be romanced, get the massage instead of give it, and the list goes on. But being in a relationship is so much more then just getting what we want – we need to show our men how much we appreciate and love them.
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Don’t get me wrong – I still want to be romanced, I love to be treated like a queen (who doesn’t?!) But how many times do you really give your man what he wants and needs? How many Valentine’s Days, Sweetest Days, do you put the focus on him?
#KYdatenight #ad #cbias #valentines #forhim
 So this Valentine’s Day I have plans to make this about him, (at least for the most part). So for Valentine’s Day 2014 – here’s what I have planned.
  • For this date night we are staying “IN” – With my husband being on the road over 261 days a year, he’s not one for going out much. Though we will go out to dinner or a movie, he prefers to stay home because well, he just never gets to. So the kids will be at their grandparents, and we will have the house to ourselves. 
  • No grilled fish, or nice garden salads for my guy! He loves a good home cooked meal, so I have a plan to make one of his favorites, my homemade enchiladas  (the great thing is I can make them low fat/low cal for me, and the ‘full fat/full taste’ for him!)
  • One thing he loves to do that he hasn’t had time to do is play video games. When we first got together Call of Duty was forever playing on our Wii. I would clean up dinner, get my work out done and he’d still be playing. With his job he doesn’t have time for these luxuries, so I have a surprise for him – I purchased him the new Call of Duty game and I’m going to play with him (yes I’m an awesome wife)
  • To finish off our perfect night -and this is where the ‘don’t forget me’ comes in- I ordered some K-Y Yours+Mine from (Though I have 3 kids, I’m still a bit funny about going to the store to buy these things. LOVE that I can order it online and have it delivered right to my door! No red cheeks for me!) 
If you haven’t tried the K-Y YOURS+Mine, you need to. Here’s a bit of an idea of what it can do for him…and you:
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 Sounds great right? 
This will be a perfect end for both of us, after a perfect evening just for him. I’m sure this will be a Valentine’s Day he will never forget!

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3 Responses to Valentine’s Day Date Night “IN” with K-Y YOURS+Mine #ad

  1. That video is a fun added touch! Cute! #client

  2. @MommaYoung says:

    Seems like our date nights are at home anymore. A little KY action would be fun.

  3. Rita O'Neal says:

    What fun ideas! That is great that you are going to play his favorite video game with him. I’m horrible at those games where you have to control somebody, if that even makes sense. Have a fun night! #client

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