Top Tips for Men Looking to Get Back in the Loop after a Relationship Gone Sour

If you think it’s hard for the ladies to start dating again after a lengthy relationship hit the rocks, you might want to take a look at what men face when looking to get back in the loop. Guys, if there is any one piece of advice you can be given, the advice to end all advice, just remember to be cool! No, we don’t mean don the shades and the body piercings, a complete sleeve on one or more arms, but rather a sense of ‘all things in due time’ sort of laid back attitude. This works on a number of levels.

She Can Always Tell You Are Nervous – But About What?

One of the quickest turnoffs for a woman is a guy who is overly nervous. Red flags go up, warning bells start ringing and that girl is wondering why you are so nervous. Even though you may have mentioned that you just ended a relationship of many years, that isn’t what she is going to be thinking, you can be sure of that. What most women will assume is that you have something to feel guilty about or that you are somehow lacking in ‘that department.’ It’s a sad statement on the current state of most women’s minds, but it’s a reality you need to face. Be cool! Don’t let her sense just how nervous you really are inside.

When the Time Comes…

Speaking of lacking in ‘that department,’ this is something that most men don’t need to face today, at least they don’t need to face it alone. For the first time in history, there are medications that can help you overcome fear or nerve based ED and these are going to work because they are chemically formulated to do so! In the past, men would eat oysters, take a number of herbal remedies, all to no avail most of the time. However, with medications like Viagra, you can be sure you will be able to perform. However, one thing to be aware of is the cost.

If Cost Is an Issue

Most of these prescriptions may not be covered by all insurance plans and so you need to spend some time looking for discounts wherever possible. Joining pharmacy clubs that offer a Viagra coupon is probably going to be your best bet. Never, ever order any kind of medication from third world countries! Not only is it illegal but it is dangerous. Stick with those treatments that have been approved by the FDA because there are ways to get greatly reduced prices.

Stress Is Contagious

In the end, it all boils down to how you present yourself. You can tell the truth about the breakup if you so desire or you can simply choose to explain it away as ‘these things happen’ or ‘we grew apart over the years.’ But, never ever show that you are overly anxious about getting back into the swing of things. That will trigger a fight or flight response quicker than you can ever imagine.  You think you’re stressed? Watch what your stress does to her!

Stay calm and if this is the woman for you, good things will follow. If not, you’re back in the loop so make the rounds and the right one will appear. It’s just a matter of time and patience.

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