Kid Friendly Healthy Home Infographic

Busy moms want to provide a safe environment for their kids with as little fuss and fearmongering as possible, but a lot of articles about indoor pollution, toxins, and allergens are all about the dangers and short on solutions. This cute infographic is just the opposite. It gives you a quick and dirty rundown on exactly what items to evict from your home and tells you what to do instead. The graphic runs you through four of the most common toxins found in family homes: BPA plastics, toxic household cleaners, troublesome hand soaps, and chemical air fresheners.

BPA-containing plastics have been associated with everything from cancer to brain and behavioral issues in children. The graphic gives you a list of recycling numbers, so you’ll know exactly which plastics can cause problems and which ones to use instead. You’ll also learn how to read labels on household cleaners to spot the most dangerous chemicals, and what ingredients to stock up on if you want to make your own organic alternatives. Want more great advice? Keep your indoor air healthy by replacing your HVAC filters and having your equipment serviced instead of spraying chemical products into the air, and teach your kids how to wash their hands properly, so you can do away with antibacterial soaps.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by conflicting advice about indoor air quality, but this graphic makes creating a kid-friendly environment simple. Following the steps outlined here is an easy path to a healthier home.

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