Top Healthy Eating Tips While on a Vacation

The best and the most thought-provoking part of a vacation is savouring delicious meals the destination you are visiting has on offer. Because a vacation is a perfect time to rejuvenate, unwind and have a great time away from all the tension and work back home, indulging in sinful eating becomes the number one choice for many.

When on a trip, especially on a road trip, we tend to stop at fast food junctions whenever hunger strikes and get indulged into unhealthy snacks or beverages. So, if you have have a place in mind, make sure you book well in advance and keep your itinerary ready. However, remember, cheap travel deals will help you save money, but cheap and unhealthy food will make a big hole in your budget, making you fall ill. Your health is in your hands, read down to know how to eat healthy while traveling.

  • The first step should be to tailor your meals according to the destination. There are a lot of places known for specific things that you can ONLY get while in their city -for example in Cincinnati we have chili spaghetti at Gold Star or Skyline, Montgomery Inn ribs (their bbq is the BEST) and Greaters Ice Cream – make sure you find the best placing offering you the unique food items where you are traveling.
  • The key to keeping yourself healthy while on a trip is by packing up your meal. This helps you in being away from expensive and unhealthy meals and helps in saving as well. Get stocked with nuts, protein bars, and firm fruits, like apples to give your taste buds are treat whenever hunger In addition, you can also pack a healthy kit that includes a cutting board, cutting knife, foldaway cooler, a few utensils, zip-lock bags, some spices, a bowl with lid and a tiny container with some detergent.
  • Choose water over other beverages and drink plenty of water during your trip. Avoid soda, alcoholic beverages and try indulging more into milk and juices (occasional partying is not a problem though). Doing this, you’ll stay healthy and all ready to explore the sights of the destination you are visiting. Also, you’ll have your health by your side when you are out exploring the local cuisines.
  • Avoid fast food outlets and stock your hotel room with bottled water, healthy snacks, and fresh fruits. This will help avoid the temptation of going out and munching on junk food. Religiously follow this practice if you are on a diet and need to keep a tab on your weight.
  • Avoid the mini bar in your hotel room to skip the salty and sugary snacks. Instead, find your way to the local market and pick some fresh produces while interacting with the locals and learning about the surroundings.
  • Search for healthy dining options with the help of apps and websites. Scan the menu and try to stay away from processed and fried food. Avoid overeating.
  • Skipping breakfast is not suggestible. It is the most important meal of the day and in planned well can keep you full for a long time. Include eggs, whole wheat toast, cereals and milk to fuel your body for a jam-packed day of socialising and sight-seeing.
  • Stay away from sweets, if you can’t, choose bran muffins, they are a good source of fibre and suffice your craving for sweet as well. Avoid sugary muffins, sweet rolls, and pre-sweetened cereal.
  • Strategic indulging is the key to savouring the local cuisines while maintaining your daily calorie intake. Opt for a glass of wine or any spirit on the rocks instead of indulging in those made using juice. You are out on an exploration, and we want you to have a splendid time while treating your mind, soul and taste buds as well.

Remember, as long you are eating well, you will get most of the benefits. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot eat a few pastries and chocolates here and there. Also, get your travel booked from any of the popular travel websites for a well-planned and hassle-free travel experience while exploring Toronto.

Happy Traveling!

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