Top 5 Great Websites For The Elderly

If you find that the weather is too grim for you to step outside or you have mobility issues and can’t manage to get down to the shops every day for your usual magazines and reading material, you may find yourself staring at the same four walls wishing that there was some way in which your favorite magazines can come to you.

Well technology hasn’t advanced for nothing! Even if you can’t manage to get to the shops for your newspaper and magazines, you can easily read them online and the best part is – many of them are free!

If you don’t already have a computer and an Internet connection, then talk to someone who can help set you up. For people who are confined to the house for large periods of time, the Internet provides a doorway to the outside world and a welcome break from Jeremy Kyle on the TV.

So put the kettle on, get out a packet of your favorite biscuits and settle in your comfiest armchair whilst we go through the top 5 magazine websites for the elderly.

1. SilverSurfers

Getting old is not all about knitting and playing golf and this online magazine for the elderly aims to challenge those stereotypes.

It has articles on travel, lifestyle, culture, finance, technology, sport and motoring. In fact it probably has something of interest to everyone no matter how old they are. Yet its main focus is on news which affects the elderly and advice on age related issues such as articles about stairlifts.

There are also lots of delicious menus to browse and online puzzles to do as well as a forum for chatting to other silver surfers and plenty of competitions to enter. It’s a brilliant site that will quickly become a favourite!

2. The Oldie

This online magazine for the elderly is packed with humour and laughs.

If you need cheering up on a miserable day then log onto The Oldie which is wonderfully British, eccentric and witty.

The issues contain blogs, an online forum, information on courses and events, news, features, recordings and more. It’s been so successful that it was even shortlisted for the Magazine of the Year Award. It will educate and titillate in equal measures.

3. Sixty & Me

This is a website primarily aimed at women over 60 and touches on issues which may affect them.

It’s US based but has universal appeal with online shows to watch, a book club to join, fashion advice, inspiring and thoughtful articles, online games and a forum where members can go to chat and support each other in a tight-knit community.

4. Mature Times


A colourful and easy to use UK based website which is crammed with useful articles on budgeting, health and well being and current affairs.

There are also real life stories to read, campaigns to get involved with, competitions to enter, reviews and offers aimed at those over 60. It’s interesting and entertaining without being patronising.

5. Over 65 Magazine

This magazine is currently reviewing its online presence but at the moment you can download the magazine in a PDF format to read on your pc or to print off and read in paper format.

You need to subscribe first with an email address, but subscription is free.

The magazine contains book reviews, informative articles on topics such as the abolition of mandatory retirement, surveys, information on charities, quizzes, reader’s letters, helplines, jokes and more.

The PDF format is easy to read and may be more user-friendly for senior readers.

No matter what your interests are, you can now keep yourself entertained and informed with a large selection of online magazines aimed at the older generation.

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