Is It Possible To Keep Your Feet Healthy While Wearing Women’s Narrow Width Boots?

Good health, including good foot health, is a beautiful thing. Yet, good health doesn’t come on a whim; you have to work at it. For example, if you want to keep your feet healthy, you’re going to have to pay attention to the way the shoes you wear are made. You’re going to have to check out everything from the heel to the toe to the inside lining of the wide and narrow shoes and women’s narrow width boots you step out in.

A heel that’s strong and/or wide enough to support all of your weight without causing one to two parts of your body (i.e. hips, knees) to get out of balance due to the fact that it’s carrying too much of your weight, is a must if you want to keep your feet healthy. Cushioning and exterior of shoes and women’s narrow width boots also signal how effective the footwear is at helping to keep your feet healthy.

“In general,” the New York Times reports, “the best shoes are well cushioned and have a leather upper, stiff heel counter, and flexible area at the ball of the foot.” Additionally, “The heel area should be strong and supportive, but not too stiff, and the front of the shoe should be flexible. New shoes should feel comfortable right away, without a breaking-in period.”

Try on different pairs of women’s narrow width boots and other footwear before selecting a final pair. Definitely make sure that shoes you wear from retailers like Marmi Shoes fit you well. The boots and shoes shouldn’t be too tight, pinching your feet, nor should they be too large, making it easy for your feet to slide around.

In fact, “well-fitted shoes with a firm sole and soft upper are the best way to prevent many problems with the feet.” To ensure that the shoes and boots truly fit your feet well, wait until the middle of the day to try on the shoes and boots. Why? After walking or standing on your feet for two to three hours, your feet will have expanded a little. Shoes that fit you after you’ve been on your feet for awhile will be comfortable regardless of how long your feet are in them.

Buying shoes and women’s narrow width boots that have removable insoles can extend the life of the shoes and boots. When the insoles wear out, you can simply have them replaced rather than going out and buying a brand new shoe or boot. Furthermore, if you’re older, you might want to opt for a thin, hard sole rather than a thick sole.

If you’re a woman who loves high heels, make sure shoes and boots you wear don’t hurt your heels or toes. The wrong fitting shoes and boots can cause problems like back pain and neck pain, not to mention overall irritability. Fortunately, you can always get a good pair of shoes or boots, ones that help keep your feet healthy, in stylish fashions that you love.

By Thomas Riley


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