Tips to Keep Your Car on the Road for Years

Anytime anyone has had the same car for 10 plus years, I always like to ask what they do to keep their vehicle running. The most popular answer I seem to get is preventative maintenance. Just like you go to the Doctor for annual physicals to see what you need to do to stay healthy, or prevent issues from arising – the same goes for your car. Most car manufacturers will provide you with a list of recommended maintenance tasks based on the age/mileage of your vehicle. They will usually say something about checking battery fluid a few times a year, the engines timing belt needs replaced within 100,000 miles, and when you need a tune up. Find your recommended list in the book that comes with your car and stick to it. Spending money now will most likely save you a lot of money (not to mention headache) in the future.

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Check and Replace Fluids. Probably one of the most important preventative maintenance you can do is check and replace fluids in your vehicle. Engine oil usually needs to be changed every 5,000 or 6 months, and engine coolant needs to be checked at least twice a year and flushed and replaced when necessary. Transmission fluid also needs to be flushed every 2 years, or 30,000 miles, as well as the power steering fluid and differential lubricant. Brake fluid is extremely important as it can attract and absorb moisture which over time can really reek some havoc on your anti-lock braking system. It needs to be flushed every two years no matter how many miles you may have on it.

Slow Down, and Chill. I have to admit, I am guilty of having a bit of a lead foot and when someone ticks me off I tend to push my vehicle to the max to speed off past them. But if you can drive gently – and keep your speed down, this could help reduce the wear and tear on your car. Slow down for bumps and potholes, don’t take corners on 2 wheels and don’t put the petal to the metal. Driving hard puts a lot of stress and strain on your car – and speeding makes your car work a lot harder, wearing it down a lot quicker. So just take a chill pill!

Consider a Warranty. No matter what you do, things happen. Cars are not built to last forever (and if they were, we couldn’t afford them anyway!) Parts break, they wear out and stuff happens. One way to help protect yourself and not break the bank is to invest in an extended warranty. It can help ensure that your vehicle is in good condition, and fix what isn’t – helping you avoid expensive repair bills.




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