5 Advantageous Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

Thinking of getting a cute little puppy for your family? You need to rethink your choices. The highly popular message of “Adopt, don’t shop” Helps both dogs that need a home and homes that want a dog. A puppy is a lot of work that a new pet parent might not be ready for. Even experienced pet parents know how much of a headache taking care of a puppy can be.

Here are a few things that might sway you from buying a pup to adopting an older dog.

Pre-trained Pooches

Getting a puppy is a time-consuming affair. Once you get your puppy you have to spend one good year behind training your dog if not more. But when you get an older dog, they are likely to be trained already. With a “pre-owned” dog you never know what their previous owners might have taught them or what training they might have picked up. But since their attention spans are longer than that of puppies it takes very little effort to make them understand commands. Teaching an old dog new tricks is far easier than getting a puppy to pay attention.

Less Mess

Expect to remain on constant clean up duty when you have a puppy around. From potty problems, puppies are destroyers of whatever they can get their teeth on. A random digging and chewing spree are a common part of puppy parenthood.

With an older dog, you do not have to worry about teething problems. Once you show your dog where they can relieve themselves they are sure to not have indoor accidents. You can spend more time cuddling your dog than cleaning up after them.

Known Medical Records

If you are adopting an older dog from a foster parent or a shelter you will be informed of all their health problems. With a new pup, you never know what to expect when it comes to their health. Shelters and animal rescue workers ensure that they vaccinate and neuter the dog before handing them over to their new families. With a rescued dog you can count on receiving pet health advice from experts before you take in the dog. A support system already exists if your dog shows any sign of health problems.

Set Regiments

Older dogs are usually used to having a certain way of life. This means that they have regular feeding times and regular walk schedules. You do not have to figure out when to take your dog out or when to feed your dog. Your dog will let you know when they need what.

Energy Levels and Attention Needs

A puppy needs constant attention and has high energy levels. If you are not a very active person your puppy can develop destructive tendencies due to excess energy. For people who do not have much time on their hand to dedicate to their dogs, an older dog is the perfect fit. Old dogs need less exercise and less attention. For an older dog space and rest are both well treasured.

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