Tips on Surviving Your Holiday Road Trip

Road trips can be a ton of fun – or a ton of headache. The stress of the holidays can make it even worse, with so many places to be and kids jumping off the walls with excitement. There are a few things that you can do to help make that stressful trip a bit more anxiety-free and maybe even a trip for the books!


Be Vehicle Ready. Knowing that your vehicle is road-ready, will make you feel more road-ready. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape, check your oil, tire pressure and all the vital fluids. If anything needs to be tuned up or fixed make a service appointment

Make the Drive an AdventureI despise traveling with people who only care about getting from point A to point B in a hurry. (though I do know it’s necessary at times). Making the drive an adventure can be even more fun than the destination. making impromptu stops at road stops along the way, shops, restaurants, and local attractions make leaving a bit early for your trip totally worth it.

Bring the Entertainment.  Driving for hours on end and just listening to the radio might work for some, but it most definitely does not work for the kids. Making sure they have plenty of entertainment for the trip is important for their sanity – and yours. Bring the portable DVD player, video games, books, coloring books and travel games. The more they have to do the less they will be asking, “are we there yet?” 

Pack Light. You are going to need more room to stretch and sit comfortably than you are that 3rd pair of shoes in your luggage. I know it’s hard not to over pack for a trip (this is something I’ve learned the hard way)but unless you’re heading to a camping spot in the middle of nowhere I’m pretty sure you can find a Walmart or Kmart to pick-up anything you might have forgotten, or need. Trust me, you need that extra leg room in the backseat!

Don’t Overspend. I know a lot of people who literally buy their drinks and snacks from the gas station when they stop for a fill-up. SAY WHAT?! I cannot even begin to tell you how much more you will spend because you didn’t plan ahead. Pack a cooler with drinks, and a bag of snacks and I promise you , that you won’t miss the over-priced snacks!



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